Lip enhancement with fillers

Injectable dermal fillers gently enhance your lips to increase the sensuality of your face. Review our before and after video case studies, and read our treatment notes to learn more about how dermal fillers enhance the beauty of lips.

Quick Facts on Lip Filler

  • The shape of the lips and the areas supporting the lips are both equally important areas to consider.
  • There may be some swelling and bruising after lip enhancement. Please read-on to discover how the Victorian Cosmetic Institute reduces the after-effects of treating a sensitive area with our less-is-more approach to lip enhancement.
  • Dermal fillers gently and accurately injected into the lips and the areas around the lips enhance the shape and size of lips.
  • Volume loss of the lips occurs naturally with time. Lip fillers replace volume for youthful-looking lips.
  • Lips fillers are a delicate art. Our doctors are highly trained by Dr Chan to achieve beautiful, natural-looking lips.

What is injectable lip enhancement with fillers?

Injectable lip enhancement is the procedure of strategically injecting dermal fillers into parts of the lip and surrounding lip areas to enhance, shape, even out, and add volume to the lips. It can even help surround mouth wrinkles by improving the reinforcement of the skin which makes it less prone to wrinkling. Volume loss of the lips occurs naturally with time, and replacing this lost volume can result in more youthful looking lips.

Enhancing the lips is not always about enhancing just the vermilion or red part of the lips. Filling around the lips may be just as important as filling the lips themselves. For example, correcting the fine upper lip lines, or lifting the corners of the mouth can all be just as important as enhancement of the lips themselves. Correcting one without the other can lead to an imbalance in the overall appearance of the lips.
At The Victorian Cosmetic Institute, we aim to enhance lips so that they are proportional to the rest of the face, as well as the upper lip being proportional to the lower lip. Our philosophy is to enhance your lips so that the result is natural, as if you were born with them like that.

How is injectable lip enhancement performed?

Injectable lip enhancement is usually performed with dermal fillers. There are many types of dermal fillers and the results can be temporary or permanent depending on the type of dermal filler used. Each one has its pros and cons and will suit different people’s needs.

Due to regulations set by the TGA, the exact name of the dermal fillers used in lip enhancement cannot be used by reputable clinics.

The first step involves having a consultation to discuss what your goals are for lip enhancement, and what can be achieved with your lips. It is important to realise that the lips you have are the foundations that you can build on and cannot be completely changed, but simply enhanced to form a fuller, more defined, and youthful version of your lips.

Mostly, we use a technique that utilises a cannula (a blunt ended ‘needle’) rather than a sharp needle. This significantly reduces the amount of swelling and bruising caused so that downtime in many cases may be minimal. Chloe Morello, beauty blogger, had her lips done at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute using cannula, and shows us how little downtime she had.


The body of the lip is the most commonly enhanced area. This gives the lip volume and everts the inside of the lip out slightly. This is done to the top and bottom lip in most cases to achieve a natural balance and appearance between them.

The vermilion border is the junction between the white and red part of the lips and can be enhanced by injecting dermal fillers in this area. This defines the lips, similar to wearing lip liner.

Correction of vertical upper lip lines, if present, is also important in the enhancement of lips. This area is often a key area of concern for patients, and can be softened with a variety of fillers.

The oral commissures are located in the corners of the mouth, can also be filled. This area usually increases in size with age due to the effect of gravity on the cheek skin. Filling this area turns the corners of the lips upwards creating a more positive and happy appearance.

The philtrum consists of the two lines in the centre of the upper lip that connects to the nose. By enhancing this double-ridge, it is possible to give the upper lip more shape and curve, enhancing the sensuality of the lips.

The cupid’s bow, or the V shaped area in the centre of the upper lip can also be enhanced with dermal fillers. This makes the V more pronounced. Done in conjunction with the philtrum, it can achieve a pleasant overall shape to the upper lip.

This female had her lips injected approximately 2 months prior to attending the Victorian Cosmetic Institute. She had a treatment with filler type R 0.5mL to her lip line at that time. This created a more defined lip border, but left a slightly ‘ducky look’ from the side (see side view before shot).
She was re-injected with 0.8mL of filler type J around the vermilion border which reduced the ducky appearance. Furthermore, she had her lip body and oral commissures injected which gave her lips more pout and upturn (note difference in corners of mouth). Note that the lips still appear natural after the injections.

lip filler melbourne

lip filler melbourne

This patient has had braces to her upper teeth which accentuated her upper lip. She requested both lips to be treated with emphasis on the bottom lip. Filler type J 0.8mL was used . A small amount was placed in her upper lip border, and the remaining in the lower lip border and body.

lip filler melbourne

lip filler melbourne

This patient presented to The Victorian Cosmetic Institute with concerns that her lips lacked definition and volume. She also noticed that the upper lip tapered away from the middle to the outside. Her lips were enhanced with filler type J, placing produce in the lip line and body to enhance shape and volume.

lip filler before photo   Lip filler after photo


This is a personal preference. Our staff take time to discuss your needs and what you would like to achieve.

However, it is important to have lips that fit your face appropriately. As a rule, for people with a smaller face, eyes, and nose, smaller lips may be appropriate. Over-enhancing lips in such a person could create a false or unnatural appearance.

The bottom lip should also be larger than the top lip as a general rule, and the upper lip should protrude slightly when seen from the side.

It is also important to avoid the ‘trout pout’ or ‘ducky lips’. Inexperienced injectors often create this look by over-injection in certain parts of the lip.

After lip enhancement, the main side effect is swelling of the lips. This may persist from 3 to 14 days, although the swelling after only a few days has substantially subsided. Usually injection of the lip body produces more swelling than the border. The type of dermal filler used also determines to an extent the degree of swelling.

A  bruise may also result from the injections at times.

Occasionally, lip enhancement may cause cold sores to reappear. If this occurs, you need to notify your doctor of this and be prescribed an anti-viral tablet.

All of these side effects are reduced significantly through the use of a cannula instead of a needle.

The swelling will occur immediately and ice packs can help reduce this. Not drinking too much water for the first 24 hours may also help reduce swelling.

You may need to use a lip balm to help prevent dry lips initially, and no make up is to be used for 12 hours.

It is best to avoid strenuous exercise and excessive UV exposure for at least 48 hours post treatment.

If there are any lumps felt, you are able to massage these twice a day until they have resolved. If these lumps persist, you may need to have them corrected by your treating doctor or nurse. Lumps from hyaluronic acid fillers can be dissolved with hyaluronidase.

Most commonly we use a hyaluronic acid filler product, JU (we can’t use the real name of this product on our website due to TGA regulations. This filler typically lasts from 6 to 12 months, feels soft and smooth like a natural lip, and doesn’t swell as much as other similar products.

The doctors at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute take the time to discuss your personal requirements and preferences as to the kind of lip enhancement you would like. Our doctors are highly experienced in lip enhancement, and also, some of our doctors train other doctors Australia wide on how to inject lips.

Making that first phone call about any cosmetic procedure can be a confronting task – many of our patients have preferred filling out our online enquiry form. We can then contact you with an understanding of the results you are hopeful of achieving and ensure the treatment is appropriate.

Otherwise, you can phone us directly on 1300 863 824.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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