Synergie Minerals Superformula - Ivory (Save 30%!)

Please note: Superformula - Ivory (Save 30%!) is no longer available
Unfortunately we do not currently stock or sell this product and no longer offer it for sale online. Contact us for a product recommendation in place of this product.

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Superformula - Ivory (Save 30%!) - $60.83

Superformula - Ivory (Save 30%!)
$60.83 AUD

In stock
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Foundation and sunscreen in one with the added benefit of Gatuline to minimise fine lines,  and Vitamin B to address pigmentation, dryness and regulate oil production.

This is an active skin care product and make up in a pure liquid base.

Includes powerful anti-ageing ingredients, which stimulate collagen to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

It also increases hydration levels, minimises rosacea, reduces inflammation and pigmentation.

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