Australiasian College of Cosmetic Surgery conference

Article medically reviewed by Dr. Gavin Chan (MBBS, cosmetic physician, liposuctionist)

Templestowe Lower and Berwick Clinics

Dr. Gavin Chan has a background in intensive care, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine. Since 2004, Dr. Chan has provided cosmetic procedures, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, liposuction, fat transfer, skin needling, and laser treatments. He is a doctor trainer for various dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Read More

The annual Australiasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) conference is to be held from May 6 to 9 in Sydney.

It is a great conference that most of the staff at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute will be attending.

Dr. Gavin Chan from The Victorian Cosmetic Institute will be presenting a talk on “Combining multiple wavelengths and mechanisms for the greatest results.

The main categories that will be discussed at the conference are

  • Dermal Fillers / Btx
  • Laser and Light Technology
  • Face and Breast Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Highlight: Liposuction interactive plenary session where panellists will be given cases to describe how they would have proceeded to advise patients and respond to questions from the audience on the manner they would handle the procedure

The high profile international speakers include:

  • Dr Tony Mangubat (USA) – specialist in cosmetic surgery and hair restoration
  • Dr Antonio Campo (Spain) – world renowned dermatologist presenting on his work with Pearl and skin rejuvenation
  • Dr. Stephen Mulholland , M.D – Internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon and lecturer, and owner of SpaMedica
  • Dr Michael A. Kane (USA) – board-certified plastic surgeon from New York City and author of the Btx book.

The majority of those attending will be cosmetic physicians, cosmetic nurses , dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.

With most of Australia’s cosmetic world attending, if you are in need of urgent cosmetic treatment during this time you might be in dire straits!

However, we do have unlucky doctor and nurse holding the fort , so if you do need some attention we will be around.

We will be reporting on any new innovations, or techniques on our return.