Laser or Scalpel?

Dr Sara Mullen shares her thoughts on this question facing many patients.

When using a laser, you’re dealing with the skin condition, texture, tone and pigmentation which the knife can’t do. So the knife is really about lifting and reducing wrinkles. However if you’re going to be pulling everything up, if the skin doesn’t look great it’s not necessarily going to make you look any younger. So the laser can rejuvenate the skin and that alone can actually look better than having a lift.

When someone comes in and I do an assessment the first thing that’s the most important to me is their skin, second thing is volume and the third thing is lines. Others when looking in the mirror are much more subjective and the first thing they look at is lines and there is absolutely no point stretching dull skin over and tightening it up if it doesn’t look glowing and radiant. In my opinion there is no point having surgery unless your skin texture, tone and clarity is good and that’s what laser can do. A lot of people when they get laser and get their skin looking good may not feel they need to go to surgery.

Surgery is a last resort these days, recovery time is better with laser than surgery. There are less complications and we find that the surgery rate is going down, because for a majority of women now there are so many other options. A lot of plastic surgeons have had to get into laser, fillers and botox because the percentage rates of facelifts are going down.

For me personally, my favourite laser is probably the ruby laser, I find that people get the wow factor with it and it is only 5-7 days down time and that’s for sun damage and pigmentation. When you consider price and that, it is good value and it’s usually only one off.

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Dr. Gavin Chan
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