Breast augmentation Melbourne. Implants with no scars

Breast augmentation (or enlargement) via implants: in this week’s blog we look at methods for this surgery and in particular TransAxillary Augmentation, performed by Dr Bruce Fox at our Melbourne surgical centre.

The most conventional form of breast augmentation is with the use of a prosthesis or implant, Silicone Gel implants are generally used. In this procedure your surgeon enlarges the breasts with a prosthesis behind the breast itself or behind the pectoralis muscle on which the breast rests. This procedure can produce highly satisfying results when performed correctly. The usual approach to performing a breast augmentation is to make an incision on the chest wall beneath the breast. This leaves scarring which can be a cause of concern for some patients.

There is however an approach which produces hidden scars: Trans-Axillary Augmentation.

In this procedure your surgeon will make the incision in one of the natural creases in the armpit, leaving a fine scar that is not only hidden but, when mature, is either difficult or impossible to distinguish from one of the natural creases. Many surgeons never master this technique and don’t offer it, however Dr Fox who has had 25 years of experience performing breast augmentation uses this as his preferred technique.

Dr. Fox was trained in using the Trans- Axillary system many years ago by Tom Stephenson, a Los Angeles surgeon who at that time was President-Elect of the American Society Of Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Stephenson is noted as being one of the pioneers of the trans-axillary approach of breast augmentation. Another technique for breast augmentation is the transferral of fat from elsewhere in the body. This technique however has been met with criticism in recent times.

Our newest surgeon Dr. Bruce Fox (introduced a few weeks back) was taught a safe and effective method several years ago by Mel Bircholl, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. In this technique the fat is extracted from an area of excess fat accumulation and placed in multiple small increments behind the breast. This technique was careful, precise and successful however its modest enlargement meant it never reached great popularity. Much criticism has been drawn from surgeons who have attempted to emulate the technique and in doing so have inserted large amounts of fat into the breast causing many problems. Dr Fox is available at our Lower Templestowe Clinic every Friday for cosmetic surgery consultation.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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