De-stress your skin



Synergie De-stress is a lightweight hydrating oil that is luxurious on the skin. It is non clogging and it can be used on any skin types but it particularly provides relief for the following type skins:

Dry and/or Flakey
Post clinical treatment where the skin can be quite stressed.

It contains 100% Olive Squalene, Sea Buckthorn, and Lavender essential oils. This powerful combination supplies the skin with an anti inflammatory cocktail it needs to reduce redness, boost hydration and heal.

The squalene is particularly helpful for a red/rosacea type skin as studies have shown that this helps to stabalise the visible symptoms of redness after 3-4 weeks of daily use.

It can be used on a stressed and acne type skin as it soothes and calms, without the worry of clogging.

We use De-Stress as a massage medium in our clinical treatments here at VCI, as a finishing step. It smells amazing and patients are always very complimentary on how it leaves their skin feeling. They are also very happy that this is something we retail so they don’t have to wait until their next treatment to use it again.

I recommend 1-2 pumps of this oil as a final step in the evening. If using in the morning, blot the skin gently with a tissue before applying your mineral make-up.

View this porduct online here: De-Stress

Danielle Feiam
Skin Therapist
Victorian Cosmetic Institute