Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Serum


Victorian Cosmetic Institute Skin Therapist Alex Young.

Many of us experience unwanted pigmentation in our lifetime, from freckles to sun spots and hyperpigmentation to melasma, and it is never something we really look at in the mirror and think “Oh this is fabulous!!” The next thing that begins to bum us out is the time we don’t have to treat these concerns. Whilst many of us are aware of the available skin laser treatments, chemical peels or resurfacing procedures we can have to effectively treat these concerns, we simply cannot find the time. Whether it is chasing our little munchkins around the house or sitting in peak hour to and from work every day, we can all be a tad time poor to focus on ourselves.

Now I don’t want you to feel completely hopeless about that pigmentation situation just yet, as there are other options that only take a moment from your day.Why you could even say it’s as quick as washing your face and applying a pump of serum and sunscreen…and if you said that you would be spot on (to getting your spots off!)

Let me introduce you to Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Serum, the pigmentation fighting superhero for your skin. This serum will focus on lightening and reducing the appearance of pigmentation, which when used on a regular basis will gradually fade the discolouration and brighten a dull skin!

This is where Complete Pigment Serum comes into action – this product contains ingredients such as Tyrostat 11™ that assists by inhibiting the production of pigment and Canadian Willowherb which has anti-inflammatory and calming properties, so it can be used safely during pregnancy.

This beautiful lightweight silky serum is an extremely popular choice for pregnant ladies and new Mums; let me tell you why….

During pregnancy our skin can be highly sensitive to hormonal change and therefore this can often affect the tone, colour and texture. Commonly we will see patches of pigmentation, discolouration, dehydration and more.

When and how to use this pot of pigmentation clearing gold?

This serum can be used both morning and night after cleansing. For enhanced results using Aspect Dr Vitamin C serum in the morning will further inhibit your pigment and/or Aspect Dr Exfol A serum in the evening to assist with refining and rebuilding a clear complexion to the skin.

Pigmentation skin care regime:

Splash your face with tepid water and pat dry. Cleansing your face in the morning will wash away all your body’s hard work to replenish the natural oils in your skin.
Gently pat 1 pump of Complete Pigment serum followed by 1 pump of Vitamin C into your skin.
DO NOT FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN! Let’s not undo the great work of your daily regime with more sun damage.

Cleanse your face, twice if you have makeup on!
Gently pat in 1 pump of Exfol A followed by 1 pump of Complete Pigment Serum.

Feeling dry? Add some Aspect Dr Resveratrol moisturiser in the evening.

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To learn more about treating pigmentation on the skin.

Whilst this product is suitable for most skin types there are some cautions to be taken or skins who should avoid it, using something more suited to their needs.
Acne Skins: this serum is great for pigmentation but not for those pesky pimples. Aspect Dr Problem Skin serum will provide superior results in an acne skin for a clearer complexion.