How to create an attractive female figure with liposuction

Article medically reviewed by Dr. Gavin Chan (MBBS, cosmetic physician, liposuctionist)

Dr. Gavin Chan

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Dr. Gavin Chan has a background in intensive care, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine. Since 2004, Dr. Chan has provided cosmetic procedures, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, liposuction, fat transfer, skin needling, and laser treatments. He is a doctor trainer for various dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.
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Can you recall a time you saw an attractive female figure? From a magazine cover or social media post to an in real life encounter at the supermarket. The commonly accepted image of an ideal female body exhibits signs of health, youthfulness, and fertility. With rounded hips and breasts and a slim waistline, not all women are genetically predisposed to this body shape though.
But through the wonders of liposuction surgery, it’s possible to remove genetic fat deposits and reshape body contours to achieve a more ideal figure. As a liposuctionist, my role is to create female body shapes that look authentic and attractive. At your initial consultation, there’s an in-depth process to follow that includes your medical and health history, assessing your body shape and determining your ideal outcome.

The 3 most common types of female body shape

In a recent YouTube video, I spoke about how women generally fall into three categories:
Hourglass shape
Android shape
Gynoid shape.
The hourglass shape has a thin waist and abdomen transitioning into wider hips and buttocks and a bust girth that approximates the hips the waist-hip ratio, which is approximately 0.7. This body shape epitomised by Marilyn Monroe is one of the most attractive body shapes in terms of youthfulness, health, and fertility. Unfortunately, it’s also the least common female body shape.
The android body shape is the most common body shape. More commonly known as the apple body shape, fat accumulation occurs in the abdomen, flanks, waist, back arms, and neck. This body shape also has thinner legs and smaller buttocks. During liposuction surgery, this body shape is turned upside down where fat is suctioned from the abdomen, flanks, back and arms and transferred to the buttocks.
The gynoid body shape is also known as a pear-shaped body where fat accumulates around the thighs, hips, and buttocks. Kim Kardashian is an example of a pear-shaped body and who has compensated for her body shape by getting large breast implants and possibly liposuction of a mid-section. She may even have had fat transfer to her buttocks. Gynoid body shapes tend to have less fat over the abdomen, and they may also have smaller breasts. During liposuction surgery, these patients also benefit from liposuction of their thighs, calves, and ankles.
The liposuction technique that creates a more attractive female body
In most cases, patients will present with only an area or two of concern. But it’s important as a Cosmetic Physician and Liposuctionist that their whole-body shape is examined; from the neck to the ankles. This unique approach ensures liposuction is performed in various areas of their body to create a natural hourglass figure. From experience, I’ve discovered that only performing abdominal liposuction can result in fat redistribution to other areas of the body including the back, waist, and arms.
The next most important factor for achieving an attractive figure is to look at the surface area treated. Now if we look at the inner thighs for example many surgeons will only remove fat from the upper inner thigh but neglect the rest of the thighs and legs. This results in what I call a “shark bite effect” – not attractive!
The final consideration in achieving an attractive body is the skin tone and quality. Youthful skin is firm and free of scars life, so it’s important that the suction cannula entry points are hidden. Scars on the front of the abdomen will often indicate a previous operation like an appendectomy. Rather than putting entry points on the front of the abdomen, it’s much more inconspicuous to place entry points in the growing creases and in the fold under the breast or the inframammary fold. This way the scars feel better, and it doesn’t look like the abdomen has been operated on.
Many patients also present with a degree of skin laxity either because of aging, pregnancy or weight gain and loss. For those with a milder degree of skin laxity that doesn’t require skin removal or a body lift or abdominoplasty, the skin can be improved without a large incision and scar.
Skin is the most important factor in determining how much fat is removed. Having less fat at the expense of irregularities or loose skin is a poor compromise. Renuvion is a new device which uses plasma energy generated from helium and radio frequency to heat and contract the fibroceptal network under the skin to around 85 degrees Celsius whilst keeping the skin relatively cool. By performing this immediately after liposuction it helps tighten skin and avoid the need for a large incision and scar associated with the bigger lifting procedures. It also allows for a greater amount of fat to be removed while still allowing the skin to naturally contract.

To create a natural and attractive hour-glass body shape, we must perform liposuction on all areas on the body that genetically tend to accumulate fat and generally try to cover as much surface area as possible.

Also, it is very important to pay attention to the effect of liposuction on the skin. Excess liposuction can cause skin irregularities or an unnatural appearance.  By incorporating devices such as Renuvion, which imparts plasma energy just below the skin, we can improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce the impact of liposuction on the skin.

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