Cosmetic tattoo laser removal diary.

Hi! My name is Valy and I am 25 years old. In January 2007 like many other girls, I decided to get a tattoo eye liner. A friend of my, had her eye liner done overseas and I liked it, but I never actually stopped and thought that getting something permanently done is not something that can be removed over night. Moreover, I never thought that that could be a turning point in life.

The day I got the eyeliner done, I knew this was one of the biggest mistakes in my life. It didn’t hit me until the ink was applied to my eyes. As soon as I got home I went in my room and cried. The only question in my mind at the time was, what have I done? All I could think was I can never remove it from my eyes. At the time I just wanted it to disappear. I even got an eye infection from crying.  I didn’t go to work for a few days.  I thought that everyone at work would look at me and be able to tell what I’ve done. This made me feel uncomfortable. I see so many people out there with tattoos on their body but I didn’t like the fact that it was on my face. I couldn’t apply any other colours to my eyeliner and it was just black line on my eyes day and night. I started ringing places and sending enquiries about removing it.

Every conversation I had and every email that I’ve received was that it’s hard to get it removed because of the fact that it is so close to your eyes. I had a friend that was working in Sydney at that time and her name Is Elizabeth. One day I rang Elizabeth and told her about my tattoo.  She promised me that she will enquire in Sydney too to get it removed. She got the same reply. One day I was searching on the net and Victorian Cosmetic Institute caught my eye. I sent an enquiry through the website and expected bad news based on the other results. Later that week I received an email asking me to see one of their cosmetic doctors. I booked the appointment and went with a friend and my older sister.  I consulted with Dr Gavin Chan.

Dr Chan was so relaxed and welcomed me to his office. He went through the procedures. I was so scared, I wanted more opinions and I sent another enquiry to Box Hill, the reply was, ‘we don’t have such a procedure here, but I know someone that can’.

At the bottom of the page there were the details of Dr Chan. I looked at again  I said to myself hmm, I am sure that’s the same doctor that I’ve consulted with already.  Late 2008 I finally made up my mind and booked an appointment to see Dr Chan again. When Dr Chan looked at the report and said to me “I’ve seen you about a year ago” he laughed and said, do you still want to get it removed? I replied, ‘Yes please, but as long as you don’t hurt my eyes’. Dr. Chan smiled and said, ‘I wouldn’t do that’, and took a picture of my eyeliner just to see the results every time I went to visit him. However, the procedure was so easy within half an hour I was out the door and drove home. I had a very successful results and the price was reasonable and affordable and didn’t even take me more than four sessions. I am very glad that I decided to see Dr Chan.

I now look at the pictures and I really would like to thank Dr Chan for making it possible to remove something that was permanent and dangerous to my eyes. With a doubt I am happy to recommend anyone that wants to remove a tattoo.  The procedure is easy and Dr Chan is very pleasant doctor that would explain every step and always available if you have any concerns after the procedure.

Account of procedure

Dr. Chan would numb the tattoo with local anaesthetic injections so I didn’t feel any pain from the laser. In all honesty it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. When I did laser hair removal for my upper lip it was more painful than my tattoo removal.

After a few minutes, Dr. Chan would insert metal eye shields into my eyes to protect the eyeball so the laser didn’t touch any parts of my eye. Once the eye shields were inserted then Dr. Chan would inform me that now it’s time to apply the laser. The eye shields were then removed. The skin around the tattoo would swell for couple of hours after laser and if I had any queries Dr Gavin was reachable at anytime.

Before and After Photos

cosmetic tattoo before


cosmetic tattoo after