I am a young female, who no matter how hard I tried, I could not lose those stubborn areas of fat around my stomach, hips and back! I decided that liposuction would be a great solution to my never ending drama with trying to hide my back fat and tummy in jeans!

I did my research about liposuction and really liked the amount of information provided by The Victorian Cosmetic Institute on there website so I rang and made a consultation with Dr. Gavin Chan.

For more general information on liposuction click here.The Consultation

before liposuction

Walking into the clinic, it was really warm and everyone was so lovely and friendly! I was expecting a cold doctors waiting room with old grumpy people staring at me, that was not the case at all.

Dr. Chan called me in and we had a detailed consultation (about an hour!), he had put my mind at ease and answered all of my questions. We discussed the pros and cons of liposuction, the areas to be treated, and what was involved with aftercare. I was given information to take home and think about the procedure. I came back for a second consultation to discuss the procedure in greater detail. After my consultations I booked in for the surgery and had my preoperative assessment with the nurse.

Morning of the Surgery

I was picked up by a lovely driver (part of the service provided by the clinic) and I was feeling very nervous. I was greeted by the lovely nurses who looked after me. Dr. Chan came in and drew all over me (I looked like a noughts and crosses board!) then took what felt like a thousand photos.

Straight after surgery

I woke up and was feeling pretty good! I felt sore and stiff but very numb as the same time. I had no sickness or nausea. I was wearing a compression garment with foam inside, this was to help with swelling and skin adhesion. My boyfriend picked me up and was very surprised on how good I was feeling, I walked to the car and got myself in.

I feel straight asleep when I got home but woke up a few times just from general stiffness in the areas. It was really hard to get comfortable.

Day 1

After all the anaesthetic wore off, I must admit I was sore. I had, had my abdomen, hips and back done which meant I lost all my core strength and movement, this made it difficult for me to sit up and lye flat on my back. I was lucky my boyfriend had to the day off to just help me get up out of bed and off the couch, once standing I felt fine, I actually preferred to stand because it was less painful.

Day 2

MUCH better night sleep, thanks to the pain medication. General stiffness and soreness was in the still in the areas but I had more mobility. In my lower back I just had some aching, like period pain but it seemed to come and go. Still needed help up and down.

Day 3

My sister picked my up and I was off to my first post-operative appointment with Dr. Chan. It was so nice to get dressed and leave the house. I was allowed to take my garment off to remove the foam and have a look at the results! To be honest, I was in disbelief on how good it looked already even though it was some what bruised. Dr. Chan looked at all the areas to make sure it was going well, after that I could go home and have a shower! When I got home, I ran to the shower! It was advised I should have someone there when I take it off for the first time, because you can get dizzy. It felt like a human again!

liposuction day 3liposuction before after

Day 4

No more pain medication! I can get up and down 100% on my own now, beginning to just feel like a BIG workout at the gym. Still have to be careful if I do to much, I start to get tired quickly and need a nap. I do not have the foam in any more so I can feel the skin better through the 2nd stage garment, it feels sensitive but again numb.

Day 5

Did general jobs around the house (I couldn’t stand being at home and not doing anything). I could wash the dishes at the sink, cook, feeds the dogs, washing and ironing. My skin started to have tingly sensations throughout the liposuction areas (it felt like the nerve endings were waking up). Still bruised but the pain was not on movement more on skin contact. Garment stained my skin black.

Day 6

I really HATE this garment, I’m ready to take it off already but have to think the longer I wear it, the better the results. Last night was the first night I could sleep on my stomach! My stitches are really itchy now so I’m looking forward to getting them out.

Day 7

Back to work today! Could do all my duties as I usually do, just everything a little slower then usual. No one could see my garment or really noticed anything (apart from my pants hanging off me!)

Day 8

It was my first MLD (manual lymphatic massage), this helps with getting rid of the excess fluid and swelling. This was AMAZING! It was very light and not painful at all. It sounds weird but I haven’t had any skin contact for a week so it was nice to be massaged and pampered. I could feel the fluid moving around when the lovely massage therapist Kellie massaged me. I was told to drink lots of water after the massage and afterwards I had to go to the toilet a lot!

Day 9

Stitches out! Dr. Chan also checked over me again today and was very happy with the results.

Day 10

Due to wearing the garment 24/7, my whole body has dandruff! I’m so itchy and moisturising like crazy. I feel like my body is snowing.

Day 11

Most of the numbness has gone, but a few bits in my lower back.

Day 12

Back to 90% of my full movement of my body.

Day 14

Had my second MLD today, I think I’m addicted to it! I’m still a little swollen in some areas (the swelling seems to gravitate in the lower part of the body), to combat this I’m also wearing tighter underwear!

Day 17

Went shopping today, WOW! No more supportive underwear!! My body has changed shape so much already. I can wear tight dresses and not have to worry about that pot of fat sticking out!

Day 21

Back to the gym today, really started in low energy workout because I don‚Äôt want to over do it. Still wearing my garment most of the time which is really great for the gym, its just like wearing skins or leggings. Dr. Chan said to wear it for about 3 weeks but I’m thinking ill wear it longer, I really like the feel of it.

Day 23

My scars are basically gone, there are so tiny you can barely see them. They will remain pink for a little but are very flat!

Photo taken 6 months later. Flat abdomen, and hourglass figure

liposuction before after


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