Xanthelasma treatment is no longer provided at VCI. The below is for information purposes only.

Xanthelasma removal is the treatment of yellow cholesterol deposits found under the eyes. Modern Xanthelasma treatment uses laser or radio frequency.

What is xanthelasma?

Xanthelasma are yellow coloured cholesterol deposits that are situated around the eyes. They are not necessarily an indicator of high levels of cholesterol in the blood, but can be of a cosmetic concern to those affected.

How is xanthelasma treated?

The removal of xanthelasma can be performed in a number of ways;

  • Surgical excision – direct surgical excision is a viable method of removal, however, it tends to leave scars. Furthermore, due to the recurrent nature of xanthelasma, further surgical resections may be required.  As there is a finite amount of skin that can be excised without causing problems, the number of surgeries performed may be limited.
  • Resurfacing with an Erbium or Carbon dioxide laser – these lasers can be used to ablate (vapourise) xanthelasma.
  • Removal of xanthelasma with radiofrequency – radiofrequency devices can cut and coagulate tissue simultaneously without causing much heat energy transfer to the surrounding skin. This is more suitable for larger xanthelasma lesions.

xanthelasma before image  xanthelasma after image

What is involved with xanthelasma treatment?

At Victorian Cosmetic Institute, we advocate the removal of xanthelasma with laser or radiofrequency rather than direct surgical excision.

Usually the area is numbed with a nerve block or anaesthetic injection directly into the area to prevent any discomfort from the treatment.

For laser treatments, it is necessary to protect the eyes from the laser, so eye shields need to be worn. Often these are internal eye shields need to be placed and these can be put in after the use of local anaesthetic eye drops.

Finally,  the Erbium or Carbon dioxide or radiofrequency machine is used to flatten the xanthelasma down to skin level.

Can xanthelasma return post treatment?

It is possible for xanthelasma to return in the same area or another area even after treatment. This is one of the main reasons why we do not advocate surgical removal of the xanthelasma as it can leave a scar and further surgical excisions may end up in excess skin removal.

With laser or radiofrequency, the treatment can be repeated without scarring or removal of skin.

How much does xanthelasma treatment cost?

The treatment cost depends on what modality of treatment is used (laser or radiofrequency or both) as well as the extent of the xanthelasma.

Treatment area Price inc. GST
Upper eyelids one side 400
Lower eyelids one side 400
Upper eyelids both sides 750
Lower eyelids both sides 750
Upper eyelids both sides, and lower eyelids one side 900
Lower eyelids both sides and upper eyelids one side 900
Upper and lower eyelids both sides 1200

Case Study

This patient presented to Victorian Cosmetic Institute with Xanthelasma. It had began to impact on her self esteem which drove her to come to our clinics. Dr Natasha Moscato used the erbium laser to treat her concern areas. The results are brilliant and the patient is very happy with her outcome.

Why choose Victorian Cosmetic Institute for xanthelasma treatment?

Our clinic specialises in laser and radiofrequency treatments for xanthelasma.  Our doctors will be able to advise you of the potential benefits and risks of treatment, so you can make an informed decision of whether to proceed or not.