Cosmetic treatments are not reserved for the more mature demographic with the purpose of anti-ageing, these tools can be used to enhance ones natural beauty boosting their self esteem and confidence in their day to day life. A cheeky plumping of the lips, lifting of the eyebrows or filling of the cheeks are common treatments sort by patients from their mid 20’s to enhance their natural beauty or prevent the ageing process that begins to occur from our mid 20’s.

Ageing across the years

Around the age of 25 our skin begins to slow it’s production of collagen and elastin along with bone loss in our facial bones sending our once vibrant volume a little southward over time. It is in these years to follow we begin to see the effects of the ageing process from fine lines and wrinkles developing to volume loss causing a flattening and hollowing of the face. Luckily we are able to not only stop but reverse these effects in a number of ways.

In fact, collagen production begins to diminish starting at age 21. By the age of 40, the loss is typically 1% per year.

What are some of the effects of this collagen loss?

Wrinkling of Skin: starting at age 21, the average woman’s skin decreases in thickness by 7% every ten years. Even a 3% loss of collagen can be very visible. The diminution of collagen causes loss of elasticity leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

Loss of Bone Mineral Density: Your bones are 30% collagen. What’s more, inside your bones, calcium must bind to collagen in order to become part of bone. As the collagen “calcium binding sites” decrease, so does Bone mineral density.

What can be done to prevent these effects?

With quality Skin Care we are able to trick the skin into acting like it did as a child, speeding up the cell turn over cycle and continuing to produce larger amounts of collagen and elastin. Our Skin Therapy treatments compliment, or supercharge, our at home skin regimes to provide optimal results within the skin.

Anti-wrinkle injections are a great way we are able to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles we create during expression stopping the formation of static lines and wrinkles, these are the permanent markings we begin to see when our face is at rest.

Dermal fillers used at Victorian Cosmetic Institute are Hyaluronic acid based, this means their action is to increase hydration to the area. In addition, the body increases it’s own production of collagen in the areas treated with dermal fillers. Whilst this tool can be used to enhance, reshape or beautify a face it is a great way to revolumise and replenish the volume we have naturally lost.

At Victorian Cosmetic Institute it is paramount that we maintain a natural appearance and result for all our patients. We work with you, your budget and your expectations to develop a treatment plan tailored to you and to create a positive outcome to you self perception. A small amount of treatment, whether that be clearing your skin from blemishes, lifting heavy eyebrows or enhancing one of your favourite features, can dynamically change your confidence and your everyday experiences.


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