Question about Solutions and treatments: I had lip fillers injected the filler used was teosyal Im really unhappy


I really hope you guys can offer me some advice I had lip fillers injected the filler used I’m told was teosyal Im really unhappy the upper lip is over filled and I’m afraid I have the joker (widness) and the trout pout (overfilled) I just want my old face back warts and all ;-)) I have heard there are reversal injections that can be given to disperse all the filler? Is this correct if so is it safe and can it be used on the filler I had as when I research fillers nothing comes up for teosyal mostly juvederm restalyn etc I’m now really scared that I’ve been injected with something not good as my lips are lumpy especially I feel the lumps around the lip line whst are my options please advise me x


Teosyal is a hyluronic acid based filler that is produced from Switzerland.
Filler that is hyluronic acid based can be broken down with a product called Hylase. Hylase is injected and will cause most of the filler particles dissolve.


Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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