Question about Laser Skin Treatments: hi i recently had a consulation with dr brown for freckle q2233



I recently had a consulation with Dr Brown for freckle treatment. He did some laser treatment on one of my larger freckles. The freckle changed colour (as expected) but now weeks after the treatment the freckle has not changed. Is there a reason for this and does that mean I can’t get rid of them?

Tamika Darragh


This is quite normal. Generally speaking, most freckles or pigmented areas, can often need 2-3 treatments in order to treat the spot effectively and achieve desired results. It can often be the larger, or darker freckles that are more stubborn and can need more treatments.

If desired results are still not being achieved after that time, your treatment plan may be changed slightly. At VCI we have several lasers to choose from and can chop and change to hopefully achieve the result you are after. 

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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