Micropen Micro-needling

Micropen micro-needling is a novel form of skin needling. Micropen micro-needling involves running an oscillating stamp with multiple needles attached across the skin. This creates thousands of fine puncture wounds to the skin. This differs from traditional skin needling, where … Continued

Lutronics Infini radiofrequency (RF) needling

Infini is a non-laser treatment that uses radiofrequency combined with microneedling to produce improvements in the skin, including skin tightness and acne scarring.

DermaFrac (skin infusions)

DermaFrac is a dermal micro-needling (skin needling) machine that offers simultaneous delivery of infused ingredients in a pain free, no downtime treatment that can be administered by our skin therapist’s. The DermaFrac machine takes micro-needling to a whole new level. DermaFrac treatments are available … Continued

Facial Fat transfer

What is facial fat transfer or fat grafting? One of the changes that occurs with ageing is the loss of facial volume due to facial fat loss. This can start to occur even in your thirties. Ironically, ageing and facial … Continued


What is TCA CROSS? TCA CROSS stands for Trichloroacetic Acid Chemical Reconstruction Of Skin Scars. It was a technique that was first studied in Korea by Dr. Jung Bock Lee for the treatment of atrophic (indented) acne scars. It involves … Continued

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Skin Pigmentation Treatment Quick Facts Excessive skin pigmentation can be from a number of causes including UV exposure, hormones, skin trauma, and congenital(existing from birth) Pigmentation can be treated with lasers and lightening creams The mode of treatment used will … Continued

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: PRP Injections Melbourne

What is platelet rich plasma (PRP)? Platelets are cells that are a part of your blood, and their role in the body is to promote the clotting and healing process. Platelet rich plasma  (PRP) is a concentrate of your own blood … Continued

Medlite Laser

Quick facts of the Medlite laser The Medlite laser emits extremely short pulses of laser energy at 532nm and 1064nm It is suited to the treatment of deep and superficial pigmentation, tattoos, skin rejuvenation, and fine hair removal. It can … Continued