miraDry Treatment – excessive underarm sweating

miraDry is a permanent non-surgical treatment for underarm hyperhidrosis or sweating that uses microwave energy to reduce sweat glands in the armpits.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Melbourne)

Anti-wrinkle injections at Victorian Cosmetic Institute’s four Melbourne clinics create natural-looking subtle rejuvenation of your face. How does our experience make a difference? Our practitioners are selected and trained by Dr Gavin Chan to carefully listen to our patients and provide the best range … Continued

Excessive Sweating / Perspiration, Hyperhidrosis

Quick Facts There are a number of treatments for hyperhidrosis. Aluminium chloride (topical medication) -usually used for underarm sweating. Iontophoresis –  regular treatments, placing affected area in electrically charged water/sodium glycopyrrolate Anti-cholinergic medication – suited to those who sweat in … Continued