PiQo4 Laser

What is the PiQo4 laser? The PiQo4 laser is a powerful new generation picosecond laser that is used for tattoo removal, skin pigmentation treatment, and skin rejuvenation. PiQo4 is actually an acronym for the features of this laser; Pi – … Continued

Freckle Laser Treatment

Freckle removal with the Fraxel (1927nm) laser, Medlite (532nm) laser, Gemini (532nm) laser, Ruby (694nm) laser, and PiQo4 laser (532nm) can be effective in the hands of experienced practitioners. Selection of laser and laser settings may depend on the patient’s┬áskin … Continued

Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Skin Pigmentation Treatment Quick Facts Excessive skin pigmentation can be from a number of causes including UV exposure, hormones, skin trauma, and congenital(existing from birth) Pigmentation can be treated with lasers and lightening creams The mode of treatment used will … Continued

Medlite Laser

Quick facts of the Medlite laser The Medlite laser emits extremely short pulses of laser energy at 532nm and 1064nm It is suited to the treatment of deep and superficial pigmentation, tattoos, skin rejuvenation, and fine hair removal. It can … Continued

Ruby Laser

What is the Sinon Ruby laser? The ruby laser, as the name suggests, emits a ruby coloured wavelength of light (694 nanometres). There are a number of medical lasers, each designed to target different problems. This page will discuss the … Continued

Gemini Laser – vascular and pigmentation treatment

Quick facts The Gemini laser is particularly suited to the treatment of vascular conditions such as broken facial capillaries, rosacea, and port wine stains. It is also particularly suited for the treatment of pigmentation concerns such as freckles (especially on … Continued