PiQo4 Laser

What is the PiQo4 laser? The PiQo4 laser is a powerful new generation picosecond laser that is used for tattoo removal, skin pigmentation treatment, and skin rejuvenation. PiQo4 is actually an acronym for the features of this laser; Pi – … Continued

Ruby Laser

What is the Sinon Ruby laser? The ruby laser, as the name suggests, emits a ruby coloured wavelength of light (694 nanometres). There are a number of medical lasers, each designed to target different problems. This page will discuss the … Continued

Laser tattoo removal or modification

Laser tattoo removal or modification quick facts Laser tattoo removal or fading with q-switched nanosecond lasers and picosecond lasers are currently the most effective means of removing or fading tattoos with the lowest chance of scarring in comparison to other … Continued