Scarring Treatments

What is scarring? The word scar originates from the Greek word eskhara, which means scab. A scar does not have normal skin markings and may be skin coloured, hypopigmented (lighter than normal skin) or hyperpigmented (darker than normal skin), flat, … Continued

Skin Needling for acne scarring

Skin Needling: How it works Skin needling is a non-laser treatment for acne scarring. Skin needling uses minute punctures to the skin using precision medical micro-needles attached to a highly-engineered roller to induce collagen growth. Collagen growth is the key to skin repair. … Continued

Skin Resurfacing: Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments Melbourne

What is skin resurfacing? Skin resurfacing is the process of ablating, heating, and therefore regenerating skin using lasers, chemical peels, plasma energy, or by mechanical means. Why is skin resurfacing performed? It is primarily used to reduce wrinkles, improve skin … Continued