Skin Boosters

Quick facts about Skin Boosters Skin Boosters are micro-injections of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in the skin. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, they are not injected beneath the skin to volumise or shape the face.  Instead, they are very fine dermal fillers … Continued

PiQo4 Laser

What is the PiQo4 laser? The PiQo4 laser is a powerful new generation picosecond laser that is used for tattoo removal, skin pigmentation treatment, and skin rejuvenation. PiQo4 is actually an acronym for the features of this laser; Pi – … Continued

Micropen Micro-needling

Micropen micro-needling is a novel form of skin needling. Micropen micro-needling involves running an oscillating stamp with multiple needles attached across the skin. This creates thousands of fine puncture wounds to the skin. This differs from traditional skin needling, where … Continued

Lutronics Infini radiofrequency (RF) needling

Infini is a non-laser treatment that uses radiofrequency combined with microneedling to produce improvements in the skin, including skin tightness and acne scarring.

Upper lip wrinkles

Upper lip wrinkles are a common concern, and are often one of the initial reasons that drive people to seek out cosmetic treatments for the first time. Women tend to be affected more than men, and their prevalence tends to … Continued

Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are the lines that radiate from the outer corners of the eyes when smiling, caused by the contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle that surrounds the orbit or ‘eye socket’. The orbicularis oculi muscle is attached to the … Continued

Frown lines

Frowning is a facial expression that conveys the negative expression of anger, even when one is not angry. Frowning is produced by two main muscles – the corrugator supercilii and the procerus muscles. The corrugator supercilii muscle runs along the … Continued

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing – patient diary and photos

My CO2 Laser Resurfacing Patient Diary Before laser pictures Day 1 This is the day I had the procedure done. Dr Gavin Chan was the attending physician and was brilliant. The anaesthetist Dr Cox was also extremely reassuring. The staff … Continued

Anti-wrinkle injections in-depth content

Victorian Cosmetic Institute’s Melbourne-based Cosmetic Doctors and Cosmetic nurses use anti-wrinkle injections to create natural-looking subliminal changes to your face that make you look younger and refreshed without the give-away of frozen-face. These outstanding results are due to our highly-trained practitioners using the … Continued

Specialist Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Melbourne)

Anti-wrinkle injections at Victorian Cosmetic Institute’s four Melbourne clinics create natural-looking subtle rejuvenation of your face. How does our experience make a difference? Our practitioners are selected and trained by Dr Gavin Chan to carefully listen to our patients and provide the best range … Continued