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I have a very small chin and would like to use dermal fillers to make my chin longer, can I use dermal fillers there and what is the long term result?!?


This is a procedure that helps to balance the face, and bring it into the correct proportions. Various dermal fillers can be used for this procedure, all lasting a different period of time. The longevity of the most common filler we use lasts about 12- 18 months. We aim to shape the chin according to your facial shape, and can make it project forwards or downwards more depending on this.

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Hi, I underwent chinplasty with silicone implant about a month ago in thailand as I was after a more square shaped chin. Although there is slight improvement, the shape remained the same. I was wondering if I could have dermal fillers on the left and right corners of my chin to create a squarer shape?
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