Meet our dedicated team

Since 2005, the Victorian Cosmetic Institute has helped its patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Our team, led by Dr Gavin Chan, includes cosmetic doctors, nurses and skin therapists.

Our Doctors

The team of doctors at Victorian Cosmetic Institute have been chosen for their aesthetic eye, practical skills, experience, interpersonal and communication skills, and are committed to delivering high quality results, while providing the utmost care, safety and professionalism.

Cosmetic Doctor & Liposuctionist

Dr. Gavin Chan

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Natasha Moscato

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Sara Mullen

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Aliaa Yusof

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Talha Majoka

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Catherine Law

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Cathy Soufan

Our vision:

To elevate and redefine the current cosmetic standards.

Our mission:

To provide exceptional cosmetic experiences and outcomes.

Our core values:

  • To provide ethical and effective treatments for our patients
  • To fully and openly inform our patients of the potential benefits and risks of cosmetic procedures
  • To earn trust through integrity, respect, knowledge, consistency and confidentiality

Our Nurses

All our registered nurses have been chosen for their empathy, caring nature, and cosmetic knowledge and skills. Our nurses have extensive training across various cosmetic services, including skin and laser treatments.

Cosmetic Nurse

Jenni Aguilar

Cosmetic Nurse

Monika Currie

Cosmetic Nurse

Emily Deen

Cosmetic Nurse

Laura Cheung

Our Skin Therapists

Working in a medical environment, our skin therapists use their extensive knowledge of skin to further enhance your skin treatment results. They utilise medical grade skin care, peels, laser and other skin devices, as well as advise on skin care to help bring out the best in your skin.

Skin Therapist

Mariam Rafraf

Skin Therapist

Tayla Brown