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COVID-19 update:
As of this time, we have been considered to be part of the essential services to remain in operation. We are aware of the importance of helping to reduce the spread of this virus, but also the need to balance this with providing our services and to help maintain the jobs that our services create.

As a result, we are taking a series of safety measures to minimise the risk of transmission at our clinic. These include;
– COVID-19 risk screening questions on entry
– Temperature check on entry
– Removal of magazines, tea, coffee, water in our waiting room
– appropriate spacing in our waiting room
– increased cleaning and sanitising of rooms, equipment, desks
– minimising patient contact to 30 minutes
– practitioners wearing gloves and masks during treatments
– moving forms and paperwork online to be pre-filled if required
– online or phone consultations to minimise contact
– Hand sanitisers being available for patients pre and post treatment.

Our services help to reduce the demoralising effect of social isolation, and we have found many patients to be thankful that we are open to provide our services. We will continue to operate for now, although it is likely that increased restrictions in the future will likely require a period of shut down.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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