Allergan’s new filler with local anaesthetic ‘built-in’

Allergan have released a new version of their filler (type V) with local anaesthetic built in. This filler is the longest lasting and thickest of all of Allergan’s dermal fillers. It is typically best used in areas such as the cheeks, mouth corners, jawline and other areas that need larger volumes.

By adding local anaesthetic to the product, this has allowed us to reduce patient discomfort, and also reduce the need to nerve blocks that leave you numb for hours. The filler literally numbs the areas immediately as soon as it is injected.

Our feedback from patients on the product is that it is much more comfortable, and often they say that they barely felt anything!

From a results perspective, the end result is exactly the same as the older version of the filler without local anaesthetic.

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Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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