Dr. Sara Mullen – The Filler Queen

Sunday Style has named Dr. Sara Mullen – the ‘Filler Queen’.

Sunday Style’s Beauty Director, Cleo Glyde, was ultra pleased with her recent treatment at the highly-skilled hands of our very own Dr. Sara Mullen.

In her article, Cleo recounts Dr. Sara speaking of VCI’s unique approach to dermal filler: small tweaks and structural changes to restore the heart shaped, or ‘upside-down’ triangle’ that is the face of youth.

This process of restoring volume to areas such as the temples, and reshaping the nose & chin is very effective at giving the impression of a beautiful and balanced aesthetic.

Often, more inexperienced injectors will go by the ‘keep it high’ mantra, overfilling areas such as the cheeks and tear troughs – which gives a fake, squinty, plastic look – a look that VCI’s highly trained Doctors are able to avoid through years of experience and a world-class injecting technique.  After all, injecting a face can be likened to painting a canvas – to create a masterpiece, the artist must be highly skilled!

Read the full article below.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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