Anti-wrinkle injections – Evolution of cosmetic procedures for over 25 years

Anti-wrinkle injections for cosmetic purposes were founded over 25 years ago by a Dr.Alistair and Dr. Jean Carruthers who initially started using it for their patients with blepharospasm, or spasming of the eyelids. They noticed their patients started having a relaxed appearance, frowned less, and a nice arched brow. So they started experimenting on treating patients just for wrinkles and not for blepharospasm, firstly on their receptionist, and then on themselves! In the following TED video, Jean Carruthers claimed she hasn’t frowned since 1987!

In more recent years, anti-wrinkle injections procedures have been used for migraine reduction, and sweat reduction, amongst other medical uses.

Dr. Terri Labberton from the Victorian Cosmetic Institute gives us a real-life demonstration with a video before and after shot after application of anti-wrinkle injections.

Although there are now various brands of anti-wrinkle injections, the main developments have been in the techniques that have developed over the past few years. We can target so many different facial cosmetic concerns now with anti-wrinkle injections, and not just frown lines. It is possible to treat forehead lines, improve brow shape, crows feet, narrow a wide face, reduce mouth down-turning, reduce chin dimpling, and even relax neck bands.