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Getting anti-wrinkle injections for the first time? Read this

anti wrinkle injections for first time

Your workday started at 7.00am – at your desk. For the last few weeks you’ve been juggling work, home, family responsibilities and sleep. No wonder you’re feeling tired, stressed and probably look older than you are! It’s 5.45pm and the peak hour traffic is really bad – you need to get to the childcare centre by 6pm. Waiting at the traffic lights, you quickly check your face in the mirror. And that’s when you notice something you’ve never seen before. The laughter lines around your eyes and the furrows between your eyebrows appear to be deeper than ever! But as you tell yourself it’s not the time to worry about how you look or feel, you remember something your girlfriend told you a few months ago. She had confided in you that she had just had anti-wrinkle injections in her face.

You were internally shocked, but externally showed her the support a best friend ‘should show’. Every time you saw her, you noticed that she looked like a natural but fresher version of herself. As you park your car and walked into the childcare centre, you recall feeling a bit envious about how your friend looked. She’s 3 years older than you, has a more demanding job than you and got two more children – but she looks younger and appears more confident! The Child Care assistant is telling you about your toddler’s day. But your mind keeps drifting off…should you get anti-wrinkle injections for the first time? You’ve read enough wrinkle injections information in magazines and blogs to know they can banish wrinkles and smooth out fine lines. And your girlfriend has told you how easy, comfortable and natural it is…hmmm!

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

As the name indicates, anti-wrinkle treatments treat wrinkles and lines on the face that are caused by muscle movement. If you look into a mirror and squint you’ll see muscle causing lines the crow’s feet (or laughter lines) around your eyes. But what happens if you stop squinting? If the lines are still visible they’re static lines caused by your years of constant muscle movement. Now try frowning hard as you look into a mirror – really hard! When you relax your frown, what happens? Do you still see fine lines between your eyebrows?

You could leave the wrinkles and lines around your eyes, between your eyebrows and on your forehead. But unfortunately, the longer you leave them the stronger they will get. Anti-wrinkle injections can relax the muscles causing these dynamic lines and reduce your permanent static lines.

Anti-wrinkle injections are based on an inhibitor that relaxes your muscles. In Australia, there are many brands to consider. We’re unable to name the products we use because of Therapeutic Goods Administration rules. Head here to find out more information about anti-wrinkle injections

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Anti-wrinkle injections are the best non-surgical choice for smoothing out upper, middle and lower face wrinkles and fine lines. When you get wrinkle injections, the muscles in your skin relax. This helps them soften and create the appearance smoother looking skin.

Since 2005, we have focused on the best anti-wrinkle injection techniques. We know now that wrinkle injections can treat much more than frown lines and crows feet. It’s possible to treat your forehead lines, improve your brow shape, reduce your down-turning mouth, reduce chin dimpling and even narrow a wide face. Get more in depth anti-wrinkle information here

What are anti-wrinkle injections used for?

We can use anti-wrinkle injections to relax the facial muscles that are causing your deep furrows and wrinkles. Before you get an anti-wrinkle treatment we recommend you check out the people who will be consulting and injecting your wrinkle treatment. Sometimes the ‘best deal’ may not result in the best results!

Our highly trained, experienced cosmetic doctors and cosmetic nurses can target specific areas of your face. From crow’s feet, and vertical frown (sometimes called the 11 lines) to laughter lines around the eyes. At your consultation, your cosmetic doctor or cosmetic nurse will discuss in depth what you’d like and how you would like to look. We can then advise what the best anti-wrinkle injection treatment will be.

Our anti-wrinkle injections contain a protein that triggers the injected facial muscle to smooth out and relax the wrinkles in the treatment area. You will see noticeable improvements in the treatment area within a few days. Many of our patients report they see the best anti-wrinkle injection results after 7-10 days.

The most natural looking anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne

Since 2005 Dr Gavin Chan and his team have focused on creating subtle, natural looking anti-wrinkle results. We believe that wrinkle treatments need to be aesthetically pleasing and subtle.

We focus on reducing your expression lines with cosmetic injections, never freezing your expressions. Consideration is also given to the overall balance of your face. Reducing wrinkling in your lower face without addressing your upper face may lead to sub-optimal results. Our detailed and delicate approach to your anti-wrinkle treatment requires higher skills and much more careful assessment.

The dosage amount of your treatment is also considered. For instance, over-treating forehead wrinkles with cosmetic injections can result in your brow appearing heavy and lower than you would like. Over-treating laughter lines around your eyes can result in compensatory muscle contractions under your eyes – leading to increased wrinkles.

You can see our before and after anti-wrinkle pictures here

The best anti-wrinkle injection skin care treatment

After you’ve had anti-wrinkle injections, you may want to consider complementing it with daily wrinkle treatment products. The Wrinkles Schminkles innovative, age-defying, innovative wrinkle products treat the parts of your body that can be neglected. Our patients love the way they can treat their neck, chest, décolleté, face and décolletage while they sleep overnight.

Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Silicone Kit will help you get a wrinkle free chest overnight! The 100% medical grade, clear Silicone is hyper allergenic and reusable 20-30 times. This non-invasive chest wrinkle treatment works its magic overnight to smooth out and visibly soften cleavage, chest, décolleté and décolletage wrinkles. Wake up feeling refreshed and confident. Peel, stick, sleep and wash off in the morning. Each pad is reusable 20-30 times. Head here to find out more about Wrinkles Scminkles

Wrinkles Schminkles Forehead and Eye Smoothing Kit can be worn while you sleep. The one Forehead Silicone Pad and two under Eye Silicone Pads effectively target and reduce wrinkles and lines on your face. Wake up feeling relaxed and younger. Each pad is reusable 20-30 times. Get Wrinkles Schminkles Forehead and Eye Smoothing Kit here 

The Wrinkles Schminkles Cleaning Solution will help you prolong the life and get more uses out of your Wrinkle Schminkles Silicone Pads. This specially formulated cleaning solution cleans off the adhesive that’s used to keep them in place overnight. We suggest you use Wrinkles Schminkles Cleaning Solution once a week (or more if required). Available in 60ml or 125 ml, you can get Wrinkles Schminkles Cleaning Solution here 

We also stock Wrinkles Schminkles Hand Smoothing KitWrinkles Schminkles Mouth Smoothing Kit and Wrinkles Schminkles Neck Smoothing Kit 

Not sure about what skin care or regime to follow? A consultation with one of our skin therapists will ensure your personalised skin care regime achieves the best results. Contact us on 1300 863 824 to book your consultation in.

Get the best anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne

Since 2005, we have used anti-wrinkle injections on thousands of people. Led by Dr Gavin Chan, our highly trained cosmetic doctors and cosmetic nurses are experts in creating subtle, natural-looking changes to your face.

Our wrinkle injection treatment can make you look younger and refreshed – without looking like your face is frozen. Contact us to find out how our anti-wrinkle treatment can make you look and feel amazing

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