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Fed up with your excessive sweating? How miraDry can treat underarm sweating



Excessive sweating is a medical condition that is characterised by unnecessary sweating for the normal needs of your body. Millions of people are affected by excessive underarm sweating and experience the stress and frustration of changing shirts many times a day and avoiding situations where they may become sweaty.

Since 2005, led by Dr Gavin Chan (MBBS, Cosmetic Doctor, Liposuctionist) our team of highly trained and experienced Cosmetic Doctors and Cosmetic Nurses have treated many patients for excessive sweating in ways that don’t involve surgery or the use of chemicals. Our sweating solutions for primary hyperhidrosis include anti-wrinkle injections and miraDry treatment.

Why does excessive sweating occur?

Excessive sweating that is localised in the scalp, face, palms, and soles of feet or underarms without any underlying reason is referred to as primary hyperhidrosis. This medical condition is characterised by sweating on both sides of the body with more sweat occurring during the day than in the evening. An estimated 3% of the population between 18 to 54 years experience primary hyperhidrosis. Many of these have an associated family history.

A person with secondary hyperhidrosis sweats excessively because of an underlying medical condition that can include menopause, diabetes mellitus, obesity, gout, a tumour or an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism).

Excessive underarm treatment Dr Gavin Chan

What are the effects of excessive underarm sweating?

Patients experiencing excessive underarm sweating report having their choice of clothing influenced by their condition. From the colour and type of material to the design of the clothes.

Social situations can also be challenging, including shaking someone’s hand or opening a door.

Treating excessive underarm sweating

Treatment options for excessive sweating

Excessive sweating (primary hyperhidrosis) can be treated with topical treatments, iontophoresis, oral medication (anti-cholinergics), anti-wrinkle injections, miraDry and surgery. We usually start your excessive sweating treatment with the least invasive measures. If there is no significant improvement, your treatment is progressed. Our highly trained and experienced Cosmetic Doctors and Cosmetic Nurses use anti-wrinkle injections and miraDry to treat excessive sweating.

Anti-wrinkle injections can be effectively used for the treatment of excessive sweating, particularly on the face, scalp and underarms. Composed of a natural, purified protein, when anti-wrinkle injections are injected into sweat glands, they stop the nerve signals.

The treatment starts with thoroughly cleansing the underarms before anaesthetic cream is applied. Before anti-wrinkle injections are used, a Minor’s starch-iodine test may be performed. Iodine is applied to the treatment area before starch is placed over it. This process highlights the areas that need to be treated in black. Watch Dr Sara Mullen (MBBS, FRACGP, Cosmetic Doctor) treat a patient for excessive underarm sweating with anti-wrinkle injections.



Treat excessive underarm sweating with miraDry

The miraDry excessive sweating treatment is a non-invasive technology that uses energy to target and destroy sweat glands in your underarms. Thermolysis eliminates the sweat glands by using a precise amount of electromagnetic energy delivered via a handheld device. During this, the surface of your skin will stay comfortable and cool. Your sweat glands will not regenerate after the treatment.

miraDry treatment handheld machine

It’s important to note that destroying the sweat glands in your armpits will not affect your body’s ability to regulate temperature because they account for only 2% of your body’s sweat glands. The benefits of the treatment include:

  • Non-invasive and toxin-free
  • Dramatic reduction of underarm sweat
  • Immediate and lasting results
  • Minimal to no downtime after treatment

To ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible, we administer a local anaesthetic before your treatment. After your treatment, you can resume your regular daily activities. Some patients, who undertake strenuous exercise, may need to reduce this for a few days after treatment. While risks and complications from treatment are minimal, in some rare cases, people can experience numbness, discomfort and slight swelling of the treatment area.

It’s important to note that this treatment can only treat excessive sweating in the underarms. For best results, it’s recommended that patients have two miraDry treatments scheduled 3 months apart. However, many patients only require one treatment. After their first treatment, many patients see a reduction of up to 82% of underarm sweating.

miraDry machine

The miraDry treatment is only available at our Lower Templestowe clinic. Book a consultation in by calling us 1300 863 824.

How to get the best excessive sweating treatment in Melbourne

Is excessive sweating affecting your quality of life?  Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a medical condition requiring a medical assessment before any treatment commences. Since 2005, led by Dr Gavin Chan, our highly trained and experienced Cosmetic Doctors and Cosmetic Nurses have helped thousands of people with excessive sweating by using miraDry treatment Find out how we can help you with excessive sweating by booking a consultation on 1300 863 824.