Last Updated January 2023

What is jawline filler?

Jawline filler is a non-surgical treatment where dermal filler is injected along specific areas of the mandible, between the bone and the dermis, to create the appearance of a straighter jawline. 

The mandible (jawbone) will naturally lose volume and change shape as we age, and our skin loses elasticity, causing it to sag. Dermal fillers injected along the jawline can help disguise these concerns and mitigate ageing-related changes.  Similarly, filler can add volume to the mandible to improve congenital jawline or chin recession.

What does jawline filler do?

Jawline filler can help to;

  • straighten the appearance of the jawline 
  • improve jawline asymmetries
  • enhance the chin,
  • improve facial proportions
  • improve the facial profile

How do I create a sharper jawline with filler?

By injecting filler into different areas of the chin and jawline, it is possible to ‘sharpen’ the jawline.

The area between the chin and jowl, known as the pre-jowl sulcus, can be filled to straighten the jawline and improve the appearance of jowls. Using filler in this area can lower the pre-jowl to the level of the sagging jowl and create the illusion of a straighter jawline.

The angle of the mandible (jaw) can also be filled to strengthen the jawline. Filler is placed from the angle of the mandible to the posterior edge of the jowl, again to straighten the appearance of the jawline.

Finally, the anterior or front of the chin can be projected forwards with dermal filler to enhance the jawline and improve the profile.

jawline filler anatomy

Who is a suitable candidate for jawline filler?

Jawline filler treatments suit both men and women looking to improve their jawline without surgery. 

If there is an excess of fat in the neck or jawline, either weight loss, liposuction or double chin fat dissolving injections might be more suitable than jawline filler.

For those who have significant jowls or skin laxity of the face or neck, a surgical lift may be more suited to improving the jawline rather than filler.

How do I prepare for jawline filler?

The first step is to have a consultation to determine your suitability for this procedure.

You should let your practitioner know if you:

  • Are taking any blood thinners, such as aspirin
  • Are taking fish oils
  • Have any auto-immune conditions
  • Have had recent dental work
  • Have an allergy to bee stings
  • Have had any previous surgery on the area such as jaw surgery or a chin implant

Your practitioner will also prepare you by discussing the process, risks and benefits of the treatment for you.

What can I expect during jawline filler treatment?

Before jawline dermal filler treatment, your face will be cleaned with an antiseptic.

At Victorian Cosmetic Institute, we utilise both ultrasound and a device called Accuvein to help localise arteries and veins to reduce the risk of injection of filler into the blood vessels.

A local anaesthetic may be administered to help reduce the discomfort of any injections.

The filler injections will be administered using a micro-cannula or needle. Usually, a mild degree of discomfort is experienced and is mostly tolerated well.

What does aftercare look like for jawline dermal fillers?

Usually, minimal downtime is associated with getting dermal fillers, although occasionally, bruising or a mild degree of swelling may occur. Aftercare should aim to reduce the risk of infection and the possibility of filler moving away from the site of injection.

However, there are a few things that you should be aware of in terms of aftercare:

  • No makeup for at least 4 hours
  • No strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  • No facial treatments (e.g. chemical peels) for at least two weeks
  • No massaging of the treated area for two weeks.

If you experience swelling or tenderness, apply a cool compress for 10 minutes every hour. If there are any significant changes to the colour of the skin or any significant pain, it is important to contact your practitioner immediately.

Risks and side effects associated with jaw filler

After getting jawline fillers injected, bruising, swelling, tenderness and redness are common side effects. Swelling, tenderness and redness usually subside within 48 hours, and bruises may take a week to resolve on average.

Rare complications include:

  • Vascular occlusion – occurs when filler is injected into a blood vessel or artery. The facial artery transverses the mandible (jawline) and is at risk of being inadvertently injected and occluded, causing blood flow restriction to the structures it normally supplies.  By using ultrasound before or during the filler procedure, it is possible to avoid or reduce the risks of entering this artery. If signs of this are present, the filler will dissolve immediately. 
  • Infection – introducing bacteria during filler injections is an uncommon but serious complication. Using clean or sterile techniques and proper aftercare, such as avoiding the application of make-up, it is possible to reduce this risk.

How many jawline injections do I need?

This will vary depending on the individual’s goals and the structure of their face. We advocate the use of minimal amounts of filler being used rather than overfilling.

In a study by Dr Mobin Master, filler longevity in the chin and jawline was 19 months on MRI, and this may be an indication of the interval at which jawline injections require retreatment.

What results can I expect with jawline dermal fillers?

A jawline sculpting procedure can enhance the size and sharpness of the jawline at any point from the chin to the ears. They can also change the shape of the jawline, straighten it, conceal jowls or provide more volume.

Jawline filler treatment can replace volume that has been lost as a result of ageing. It can also improve an asymmetrical jawline.

The results of jawline sculpting will depend on your individual goals. Your practitioner will discuss this with you in your initial consultation.


Is jawline filler painful?

The procedure itself should not be very painful. Your practitioner may use ice on the skin before injections or inject a local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort.

How long do jawline fillers last?

Generally, temporary hyaluronic acid fillers are utilised for the jawline in most circumstances. The consensus is that these dermal fillers can last anywhere from 6-18 months. However, research has shown that they can stay in the face for much longer than that. Fortunately, hyaluronic acid fillers can be reversed with hyaluronidase injections, should there be a problem such as a lump or occlusion of a blood vessel.

How much filler for the jawline?

The amount of filler you need will vary greatly depending on your facial structure and individual goals. 

Your practitioner will discuss this with you during your initial consultation. 

How long does jawline filler take to settle?

You will usually see some results immediately after the appointment, but it will take up to two to four weeks for the fillers to fully settle into your face.

Can I combine jaw filler with other treatments?

Jawline filler is often combined with anti-wrinkle injections in the lower face and neck. Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles that exert a downward force on the face, including the mouth depressor muscles and the platysma muscle, helping to lift the face and jowls.

Jawline filler can also be combined with filler in other areas of the face, such as nose, cheek, lip or chin filler.

 Double chin fat-dissolving injections can be combined with jawline filler to remove excess fat in the chin and neck and further define the jawline.

How much is jawline filler?

Everyone has different needs and desired results regarding dermal filler treatments that will determine the price of the treatment.

Your practitioner can give you an idea of how much filler will be used for your treatment. For our dermal filler prices, please visit the treatment price list.

Why choose Victorian Cosmetic Institute as your provider of jawline filler?

At Victorian Cosmetic Institute, our team of doctors and nurses have been helping men and women with their cosmetic needs since 2005. The team is well-trained in injection techniques and non-surgical procedures like jawline filler. 

Book online or phone our friendly Customer Care team on 1300 863 824 to enquire about your consultation options.