Question about Acne-scarring: are there any side effects by doing chemical peeling or laser


Are there any side effects by doing chemical peeling or laser besides redness?
and the positive result from these treatments is permanent right?


Acne scarring can be a difficult problem to treat. Generally, the improvements gained are incremental with each treatment, but it does make a positive change to the skin, and the confidence of the person. I find lasers such as the Fraxel laser or Carbon dioxide laser (fractional and non-fractional) to be the most effective lasers for acne scarring. Lasers can cause side effects such as redness (temporary) or changes in pigmentation (temporary or permanent) if used at too high a level, especially on those with olive or darker skin types. Therefore, for olive/darker skin types, we often recommend procedures such as skin needling (not a laser) for acne scarring, which tends to have much less chance of pigmentation changes post treatment , whilst still achieving an excellent level of improvement.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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