Question about Laser Tattoo Removal: can a salmon coloured lipline be removed without turning a q20


Can a salmon coloured lipline be removed without turning a green/black colour


Salmon coloured, red coloured, or other lipline tattooing can be removed. However, as part of the removal process, it is possible that it turns black or green after the initial treatments with traditional q-switched laser treatments (Medlite laser). The tattoo ink can oxidise and change colours to a darker colour. Usually, the darker colour can be removed after several sessions of laser. But because the laser sessions need to be separated by at least 6 weeks, it could be some time before this normalises. If you are concerned, it is possible to perform a test patch with the Medlite laser in the corner of the lip to see what happens prior to undergoing treatment of the whole tattoo.

Alternately, it is possible to remove the tattoo with a different laser, the Erbium laser. This literally vapourises the top layers of the lip and lip tattoos to remove it this way. This has less chance of darkening the tattoo, however, tends to have a greater risk of scarring.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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