Question about Erbium Laser: dear sirmadam just wondering is this type of erbium laser q75


Dear sir/madam,
Just wondering is this type of erbium laser the sciton laser? as this has been known to be the best laser for acne scarring, due to the particular name “sciton” erbium laser compared to other laser names.

Kind regards


 Hi Belinda. Ours is the Laserscope or Iridex (non-fractional) erbium laser. To be honest, I find that the best treatments for acne scarring are actually the fraxel laser and skin needling rather than our erbium or co2 lasers. The erbium laser is good however to shave down the ‘shoulders’ of an acne scar, but I find it is not good to treat the total face for acne scarring. What kind of acne scarring do you have?

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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