Question re Laser Tattoo Removal: Would like to know costs and how many treatments


Hello i just would like to know costs, and how many treatments ti remove my awful home made tattoos please.


Tattoos can certainly be removed with the use of lasers such as
our Medlite NdYAG 1064nm. This laser has a photo-mechanical effect on
tattoo inks or pigments, and literally shatters these into
small particles. The remnants are then removed by the body’s immune
system. Tattoo removal is performed at least 2 months apart for maximum
time for the ink to disperse and the area to heal. Tattoo removal starts at $275 (5/5/2013) per session (including GST) and the
cost will depend on the time taken and size of the area being treated. Usually 10 to 20  sessions are required to completely remove a
professional tattoo. Fewer sessions are required for amateur tattoos or
to just fade a tattoo rather than remove it.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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