Question about Dermal Fillers: hi are all the dermal filler treatments administered by a q436


Hi, Are all the dermal filler treatments administered by a GP? If I book a consultation and wish to proceed with the filler, can you administer at the same consultation? I had a very, very bad painful experience with a recent resurfacing facial treatment as the Dr couldn’t get my face completely numb. I am now a bit afraid of what the pain could be for this treatment. Is there any additional pain management available and what is the additional cost? Thanks, Beth


Hi Beth. All our dermal filler procedures are performed by specialist cosmetic doctors (we are not GPs). Approximately one third of all the work we do is dermal fillers. We always aim to minimise any discomfort, swelling and bruising with all our treatments. Furthermore, the fillers we use are comfortable to inject as they have local anaesthetic built in to them. Finally, we also offer laughing gas to all patients to help reduce any discomfort and anxiety associated with the procedure.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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