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Hi I am 26 and have had cyctic acne when I was 17! I tried everything from antibiotics for months and all the topic script creams and nothing worked but the birth control pill! I spent alot of money on helping my scarring after my acne cleared up on the pill! I am now off it for four months and my skin is getting bad again an I don’t want it to get any worse and I know by a few cysts its coming back full force! I want to once and for all try roaccute now I’m an adult! I want kids in the future and the pill is not an option long term! Please help I have become very upset and hate looking at myself and even seeing friends now! I used to feel this way as a teen! Sarah ps tried photo rejuvenation, peels, dermal roller etc and sick and tired of all the money!


Roaccutane can certainly be an option for someone with this condition. Roaccutane belongs to a group of medicines called retinoids, similar to Vitamin A, and aim to reduce the amount of oil made in the glands of your skin, reducing bacteria, inflammation and clogged pores.

However, you cannot take roaccutane at least one month before you plan to fall pregnant. If you fall pregnant on roaccutane, there is an EXTREMELY high risk of having a baby with a deformity, and it is because of this that we strongly recommend that those on roaccutane use effective contraception, such as the contraceptive pill, and for one month after ceasing the roaccutane.

When looking at pregnancy, the contraceptive pill only takes only 7 days to be removed from the system. This is why you need to take it at the same time everyday for it to be effective. The contraceptive pill, once ceased, will not effect pregnancy.


Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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