Question about Fraxel Laser: hi i am currently on accutane until july and i q2254


Hi i am currently on accutane until july and i cannot have any procedure for my scarring until dec. I live in the UK but i will coming to Australia August. I have minimal scarring on my jawline cheeks and chin. How much can i expect to pay for one treatment in these areas? Thanks


You would be looking at a Fraxel 1550nm, which
can penetrate up to 1.4mm into the skin, which makes it the ideal for
the treatment of deeper problems such as acne scarring. The laser wavelength induces controlled zones or columns
of coagulated tissue in the dermis, which are repaired and remodeled. This process helps to reorganize and regenerate collagen to help to lift indented scars such
as those from acne.

Costs are outlined in this link;

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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