Question about Skin Resurfacing: hi i am interested in getting fractional laser resurfacing done q2251


Hi I am interested in getting fractional laser resurfacing done to my face and neck to remove fine lines and freckles and to tighten up my skin I em 39 years old and fair completion could you please give me a idea of how much this will cost
Thank you anger martin


There are a few options to consider with fractional lasers. The two main choices are the fractional CO2 or carbon dioxide laser (ablative laser), or the Fraxel laser (non-ablative laser).

The fractional carbon dioxide laser is the more aggressive treatment, and has the ability to improve fine lines, and tighten the skin – especially around the eyes. Downtime is 5-10 days, and cost start at $1500 (as at 13 March 2013) for a low level treatment of the full face.

The Fraxel however is a less agressive treatment, and it doesn’t really treat fine lines/wrinkles very well. It also does not tighten skin. The downtime is from 3 to 5 days usually, and the costs start at $1350 for the full face.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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