Question about Topical Retinoids (Vit A) Products: hi i was having a look at your products and q36


Hi I was having a look at your products and just wondering if your topical tretinoin is the best cream for wrinkles and lines also uneven with larger pores. Or is their a moisturiser with retinoic acid in their.
If I could have your suggestion.
Thank you.


Topical retinoids, which includes topical tretinoin, are usually the most effective topical agents for skin rejuvenation, improvement of wrinkles, and reduction of pigmentation. Pores are typically difficult to treat, and may not change a lot with any treatment.  Generally, moisturisers are separate to the topical retinoids. Moisturisers will not however, improve the skin in the long term.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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