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Hi… is their a medicine only treatment?



Thank you for your enquiry regarding Gynaecomastia. There are two types of this condition Gynaecomastia and Pseudo-Gynaecomastia.
Gynaecomastia is usually caused by an underlying imbalance in the male and female hormones (testosterone and oestradiol). This can be physiological (normal)  or can be, less commonly, pathological. Pathological causes of gynaecomastia include; Klinefelter’s syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, testicular tumours, prolactin excess, or can be caused by  medication.

If the problem of male chest enlargement is not due to enlargement of glandular tissue, but instead it is due to accumulation of fat only, it is called Pseudo-Gynaecomastia, and usually does not have any underlying medical pathology.

Depending on which type of Gynaecomastia you are experiencing will depend on whether you require medication as treatment or Liposuction. I would be more than happy to book you in for a Consultation with our Specialist Dr.Gavin Chan to find out which type you have.

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Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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