Question about Laser Skin Treatments: hii would just like to find out how much freckle q2028


Hi,I would just like to find out how much freckle removal on my face will cost,I have about 10 freckles?and after how many treatments will it be gone?



We can use the Ruby, Revlite or Medlite lasers if you have 10 freckles. This works best on people with fair skin and dark freckles. Although those with olive or darker skins can sometimes be treated, it is more difficult for the laser to determine the difference between the skin and freckle. Usually 1-2 treatments removes the pigmentation. Costs start at $250 per session (@6/1/2013), and I would expect your treatment to be about that much if only 10 freckles are treated.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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