Medlite Laser: Hyperpigmentation on either side of my eyes


I am of Asian decent & I live in Adelaide. I have quite dark patches of hyperpigmentation on either side of my eyes. Can you use the Medlite laser on my skin with it scaring or making it worse? I need advice as the have darken so much since I started the pill (which I have stopped).


This type of pigmentation on the upper cheeks could be either melasma or naevus of ota. If it is exacerbated by the pill, then it could be likely to be melasma. For an more accurate diagnosis, you will need to come in to see one of our doctors. We do use the Medlite laser to treat both these problems. There is a chance of making it worse and scarring, but generally because we use quite conservative settings on the laser for the treatment , these problems are extremely rare.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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