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Article medically reviewed by Dr. Gavin Chan (MBBS, cosmetic physician, liposuctionist)

Dr. Gavin Chan

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Dr. Gavin Chan has a background in intensive care, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine. Since 2004, Dr. Chan has provided cosmetic procedures, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, liposuction, fat transfer, skin needling, and laser treatments. He is a doctor trainer for various dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.
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I have rather large man boobs and I would like to see about having them removed. I have been talking Cortisone for 45 years as I have had my adrenal glands removed due to CONN’S Syndrone and now also have Myaestenia Gravis. My boobs have grown to their current size in 2-3 stages. My nipples are very sore to touch again but this time but I have now noticed large lumps under both nipples. I realise that I have also gained some weight over the last few years.


It is possible that the medication you have been taking, as well as your endocrine problems have lead to increased development of glandular tissue beneath the nipples. The weight gain may also have contributed to the amount of adipose (fat) tissue in the chest.  The first step would be to come in for a consultation to discuss your concerns, and we can order  you some blood tests to check hormone levels, and an ultrasound to check for glandular tissue.

Liposuction can help remove the fat in the chest, and during the same operation, we can remove the glandular tissue. The incision points are essentially hidden – one goes into the armpit, and another small incision goes along the line of the areolar / nipple.



Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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