Question about Acne Treatments: Visited you guys about two years ago about acne


I’ve visited you guys about two years ago about my acne. My skin was clear ever since then but recently I’ve been developing severe acne on my forehead and chin. I was on yasmin pill for a year and went off it 6 months ago and went back on 3 weeks ago. I want to know what is causing this acne and should I revisit you guys? I am also getting very depressed because of all this.


From what you have stated, it is likely that the Yasmin oral contraceptive pill was controlling your acne well, and ceasing it temporarily caused it to return. Yasmin contains an anti-androgenic medication in it that helps to reduce acne. It may take more than one cycle of Yasmin for your skin to return to its previous clearer state. I would suggest you still come in to see us, as in the meantime, we can prescribe some topical medical grade skin care or possibly some other medications (like an antibiotic) to help you out in the meantime whilst the Yasmin starts to work again.  If you are getting scarring or marking on your skin from the acne, it is even more important that you see us soon.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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