Question about Laser Tattoo Removal: this is an odd question but its in response to q338


This is an odd question, but its’ in response to a lack of confidence in the businesses I’ve thus far encountered offering tattoo removal in Brisbane. I was wondering if the Victorian Cosmetic Institute had any QLD affiliates?
A friend in Melb relayed a good experience with your business some time ago. Specifically the nature of the involvement of doctors as opposed to the nurses. Whether or not this simply provides an element of comfort in patients I’ll leave you to correct me on, but it would appear a doctor may be better suited to the task?

Anyway, I appreciate and all responses


Sorry, but we don’t have any affiliates in Brisbane. It’s great to hear that your friend had a good experience with us. Our tattoo removals are all performed by doctors. We treat all colour and size tattoos. Furthermore, we inject local anaesthetic into the majority of tattoos before commencing the laser, as it hurts a lot less this way.


Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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