Question about Laser Tattoo Removal: would having a healthcare card reduce the cost of having q53


Would having a healthcare card reduce the cost of having laser tattoo removal?
If I am under legal age to have a tattoo, and ask to have it removed, will you have to inform my parents?
Also, is there a cost to come in and have my tattoo looked at to see how much it will cost to be removed and how many treatments I will need?


The government doesn’t subsidise laser tattoo removal if you have a healthcare card. We do tend to prefer parental involvement for those under 18, as legally we are obliged to do this. The cost of a consultation is on this page;


The number of sessions depends on the type of tattoo it is. Professional tattoos generally take more than 10, where amateur tattoos usually take approximately 5 sessions. The prices for removal can be found on this page;



Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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