The Victorian Cosmetic Institute Customer Service

The Doctors and the Nurses

Considering cosmetic treatment can be rather daunting for many patients however the team at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute can make the process stress-free, ensuring you are completely comfortable and confident in pursuing any treatments.  Our Doctors and Nurses are exceptionally qualified and have all experienced the procedures and treatments offered at our clinics first-hand.

Daniela, Director of Nursing Templestowe said “I’ve had the fraxel and love it, I love revlite facials I just think they are the ant’s pants as far as having glowing, beautiful skin. All our staff love everything that we have to offer and are happy to indulge in everything we have, because we know it works and makes the difference, we live, breathe, walk it. We’ve all tried something”.

This means that we understand the patient perspective and can give you honest answers in seeking the most suitable and effective treatment for your condition.  We want you to feel like you are a part of our family, so we take a strong angle on providing you with absolute honesty with the aim of meeting your expectations and achieving a great end result. All our staff have expertise in current procedures and are continually ensuring we are using the most up to date techniques and technology.  We take it upon ourselves to go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy our patients because we want to make a difference in your lives.

So place your trust in us for your next cosmetic procedure.