Introducing: Daniela Munro

Daniela Munro is our Director of Nursing here at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute, with a background in general nursing and as a cosmetic nurse specialist.

Daniela loves working at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute because “it allows you to alter a person’s appearance and make them feel special. Regardless of whether it’s a small procedure or a larger procedure that changes the clients look, the difference to how the client feels after the change is remarkable. Most clients feel a boost in confidence, self-esteem or simply feel good about themselves. They leave you and the clinic with a smile on their face.”

Daniela’s main role in the clinic involves treating patients however she spends her working days performing facial peels or laser hair removal treatments. A lot of her time is also filled with writing protocols, staff training and rostering.

Daniela decided to join the team at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute because it allowed her to work in a position in her chosen field that is conveniently located closer to home.

Working in the cosmetic industry means that Daniela knows all the latest products and treatments so what’s her number one tip? Daniela loves and swears by Vitamin A products, as she believes Vitamin A is the best anti-ageing serum that anyone can use.

So how does Daniela unwind after a busy week? In her spare time Daniela enjoys bush walking.

Be sure to say hi to Daniela next time you visit one of our clinics.

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