Cosmetic consultation and treatment prices

Victorian Cosmetic Institute has multiple locations across Melbourne. Clinics are located in Lower Templestowe, Berwick, Beaumaris and Toorak. A specialist cosmetic and plastic surgery day procedure centre is located within our Berwick suites. We have a range of in-house and visiting surgeons such as Dr Gavin Chan and Dr David Topchian who perform liposuction, breast enhancement and breast reduction.

Consultation and treatment prices

PractitionerInitial Consultation fee
Dr Gavin Chan$250.00
Dr David Topchian$125.00
Cosmetic Doctor$125.00
Cosmetic Nurse$45.00
Skin Therapist$45.00

A consultation is critical for a proper assessment of your needs or requirements. Our practitioners will be able to give you an exact cost prior to you proceeding with any treatment.

If you would like one of our practitioners to perform a preliminary assessment online prior to a consultation, please send photos of the area to be treated to It is possible for us to then suggest appropriate treatments for your concern as well as give you an approximate cost. Please understand that this does not replace a proper consultation with one of our practitioners.

If you already know the type and amount of treatment you require, our prices are listed below.

Anti-wrinkle Injection Prices

Anti-wrinkle injection average units per area

Here are some examples of various areas, in males and females, treated in the one session. Please note that these are examples only, and a proper assessment is required prior to determining how much is required in each individual case. Click here to arrange your consultation

Treatment Area         Gender                    Estimate of units       Average units required
Forehead Female 5 – 20 units 10 units
Forehead Male 10 – 30 units 20 units
Frown Female 10-30 units 20 units
Frown Male 20 – 50 units 30 units
Crows Female 10 – 30 units 20 units
Crows Male 20 – 40 units 20 units
Brow lift Female and Male 5 – 10 units 5 units
Gummy Smile Female and Male 2 – 10 units 4 units
Upper Lip Female and Male 4 – 8 units 5 units
Chin Female and Male 5 – 10 units 5 units
Mouth Depressors Female and Male 4 – 5 units 5 units
Massetters Female and Male 20 – 100 units 50 units
Neck Female and Male 20 – 40 units 40 units
Under arms Female and Male 100 units 100 units
Hands Female and Male 100 units per hand 200 units

Number of UnitsCost
1 unit$18.90
2 units$37.80
3 units$56.70
4 units$75.60
5 units$94.50
6 units$113.40
7 units$132.30
8 units$151.20
9 units$170.10
10 units$189.00
11 units$207.90
12 units$226.80
13 units$245.70
14 units$264.60
15 units$283.50
16 units$302.40
17 units$321.30
18 units$340.20
19 units$359.10
20 units$378.00
21 units$396.90
22 units$415.80
23 units$434.70
24 units$453.60
25 units$472.50
26 units$489.40
27 units$506.30
28 units$523.20
29 units$540.10
30 units$557.00
31 units$573.90
32 units$590.80
33 units$607.70
34 units$624.60
35 units$641.50
36 units$658.40
37 units$675.30
38 units$692.20
39 units$709.10
40 units$726.00
41 units$742.90
42 units$759.80
43 units$776.70
44 units$793.60
45 units$810.50
46 units$827.40
47 units$844.30
48 units$861.20
49 units$878.10
50 units$895.00
51 units$909.90
52 units$924.80
53 units$939.70
54 units$954.60
55 units$969.50
56 units$984.40
57 units$999.30
58 units$1014.20
59 units$1029.10
60 units$1044.00
61 units$1058.90
62 units$1073.80
63 units$1088.70
64 units$1103.60
65 units$1118.50
66 units$1133.40
67 units$1148.30
68 units$1163.20
69 units$1178.10
70 units$1193.00
71 units$1207.90
72 units$1222.80
73 units$1237.70
74 units$1252.60
75 units$1267.50
76 units$1280.40
77 units$1293.30
78 units$1306.20
79 units$1319.10
80 units$1332.00
81 units$1344.90
82 units$1357.80
83 units$1370.70
84 units$1383.60
85 units$1396.50
86 units$1409.40
87 units$1422.30
88 units$1435.20
89 units$1448.10
90 units$1461.00
91 units$1473.90
92 units$1486.80
93 units$1499.70
94 units$1512.60
95 units$1525.50
96 units$1538.40
97 units$1551.30
98 units$1564.20
99 units$1577.10
100 units$1590.00
101 units$1600.90
102 units$1611.80
103 units$1622.70
104 units$1633.60
105 units$1644.50
106 units$1655.40
107 units$1666.30
108 units$1677.20
109 units$1688.10
110 units$1699.00
111 units$1709.90
112 units$1720.80
113 units$1731.70
114 units$1742.60
115 units$1753.50
116 units$1764.40
117 units$1775.30
118 units$1786.20
119 units$1797.10
120 units$1808.00
121 units$1818.90
122 units$1829.80
123 units$1840.70
124 units$1851.60
125 units$1862.50
126 units$1873.40
127 units$1884.30
128 units$1895.20
129 units$1906.10
130 units$1917.00
131 units$1927.90
132 units$1938.80
133 units$1949.70
134 units$1960.60
135 units$1971.50
136 units$1982.40
137 units$1993.30
138 units$2004.20
139 units$2015.10
140 units$2026.00
141 units$2036.90
142 units$2047.80
143 units$2058.70
144 units$2069.60
145 units$2080.50
146 units$2091.40
147 units$2102.30
148 units$2113.20
149 units$2124.10
150 units$2135.00
151 units$2145.90
152 units$2156.80
153 units$2167.70
154 units$2178.60
155 units$2189.50
156 units$2200.40
157 units$2211.30
158 units$2222.20
159 units$2233.10
160 units$2244.00
161 units$2254.90
162 units$2265.80
163 units$2276.70
164 units$2287.60
165 units$2298.50
166 units$2309.40
167 units$2320.30
168 units$2331.20
169 units$2342.10
170 units$2353.00
171 units$2363.90
172 units$2374.80
173 units$2385.70
174 units$2396.60
175 units$2407.50
176 units$2418.40
177 units$2429.30
178 units$2440.20
179 units$2451.10
180 units$2462.00
181 units$2472.90
182 units$2483.80
183 units$2494.70
184 units$2505.60
185 units$2516.50
186 units$2527.40
187 units$2538.30
188 units$2549.20
189 units$2560.10
190 units$2571.00
191 units$2581.90
192 units$2592.80
193 units$2603.70
194 units$2614.60
195 units$2625.50
196 units$2636.40
197 units$2647.30
198 units$2658.20
199 units$2669.10
200 units$2680.00

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Dermal filler average mls required per treatment area

During a consultation with one of our medical staff, we will discuss and advise you on the best filler and treatment areas for you, after a careful aesthetic assessment. We will determine the appropriate volume of fillers required, the price, outline the side effects and the after-care required.

Here are some examples of various areas treated in the one session. Please note that these are examples only, and a proper assessment is required prior to determining how much is required in each individual case. Click here to arrange your consultation.

Treatment AreaAverage mls Required
Tear Troughs1-2mls
Nasolabial Folds1-2mls

Number of 1ml Syringes used in 1 sessionPrice

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INFINI RF Skin Tightening and/or Acne scars

INFINI combines the advantages of 2 different technologies, namely micro-needling and RF energy. The microneedling Fractional RF utilities 49 special insulated micro-needles. Inducing skin rejuvenation and lifting by deep dermal coagulation. The micro-needles, double coated with gold and silicon, penetrate to the pre-set skin layers and deliver the RF energy, thereby inducing deep dermis collagen and elastin synthesis and remodeling.

Area treated Price per session
Full face $860
Lower face and jawline $860
Mid face through to neck       $860
Full face and neck $1250
Acne scars $860

Ulthera – Ultrasound Skin Tightening (Also known as Ultherapy)

Ulthera delivers focused Ultrasound energy, this energy initiates the body’s natural response to stimulate collagen and strengthen the weak collagen. The use of a ultrasound imagery allows the practitioner to see the layers of the tissue, this allows the energy to be delivered where it will be most beneficial.

Area treated Price per session
Full face 2250
Lower face and under chin 2150
Full neck including under chin 2150
Upper face, around eyes and brow lift 500
Brow lift 360


Skin Laser Treatment Guide

Skin laser treatments require a thorough assessment from a Victorian Cosmetic Institute Cosmetic Physician. Choosing a laser requires the selection of the most suited laser in relation to skin concern, skin type and amount of downtime a patient is wanting after their procedure. Below is a quick reference to what our lasers are used to treat at VCI.

Medlite Laser Prices

Area treated                                Level of intensity       Price per session
Face Low 275
Face Medium 475
Face and neck Low 350
Face and neck Medium 550
Face, neck and décolletage Low 450
Face, neck and décolletage Medium 650

**Please note, for effective removal of skin pigmentation a stronger level skin laser treatment may be required

Pigmentation and/or Vascular laser treatments (high level / non-fraxel)

These are prices for treatment with the Ruby, Medlite/Revlite/Piqo4 lasers, or Gemini laser but not Fraxel (see separate Fraxel pricelist below for Fraxel prices). Medicare rebates may apply in some caes e.g. facial capillaries, Café au lait spots and Naevus of Ota attract rebates.

Area treated                                                                      Price per session 
Full face 1500
Neck only 950
Décolletage only 950
Neck and décolletage 1650
Full face, neck, and décolletage 2500
Full face and neck 2150
Cheeks and nose 1250
Cheeks only 1100
Chin only 350
Full nose 450
Nasal ala (corners of nose) 250
Birthmark covering less than ¼ of the face 750
Birthmark covering from ¼ to ½ of the face 1200
Birthmark covering ½ to full face 1500
Forehead 660
Back of hands 495
Minimum laser price (for small treatments only) 250

Fraxel 1927nm/1550nm

Treatment area                                 Price per session
Full face 1350
Neck only 950
Neck and décolletage 1650
Décolletage 950
Full face, neck, and décolletage 2500
Full face and neck 1950
Cheeks and nose 1050
Cheeks only 900
Forehead 660
Chin only 400
Nose only 500
Back of Hands 450
Minimum price 400

Removal of lumps/bumps with laser

Using either the Erbium laser or Carbon dioxide laser, skin lesions or ‘lumps and bumps’ can be removed from the skin. This is a good non-surgical alternative. May be associated with Medicare item number 30195 if not a wart or seborrhoiec keratosis

1st lesion                       $250        
Subsequent lesion $100

Xanthelasma treatment

Xanthelasma are cholesterol deposits around the eyes. They are treated with the Erbium or Carbon dioxide lasers, or with the Pellevé radiofrequency machine.

Treatment area Price inc GST.
Upper eyelids one side 400
Lower eyelids one side 400
Upper eyelids both sides 750
Lower eyelids both sides 750
Upper eyelids both sides, and lower eyelids one side 900
Lower eyelids both sides, and upper eyelids one side   900
Upper and lower eyelids both sides 1200

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

$90.00 per treatment

Excellent brightening/lightening peel restoring moisture levels for a soft, smooth skin feel. Highly recommended for frequent use for uneven pigmentation. Also a great anti-oxidant peel. Downtime is usually minimal. Suited to all skin types.

Lactic Acid Peel

From $100.00 per treatment

Moisturising yet gently exfoliating peel suitable for most skin types. This peel will not encourage peeling yet gives all the effect with only 2-3 days of minimal side effects such as pinkness.

Salicylic Acid Peel

From $100.00 per treatment

A great peel for oily or acne prone skins, as the peel is oil soluble which allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin. Requires about 5 days recovery

Retinoic Acid Peel

From $120.00 per treatment

The great rejuvenating dermal peel. Encourages correction of aging, sun damage, open pores, oiliness, combination skin, increases moisture levels and stimulates collagen and elastin, reduces fine lines and signs of ageing. Also helps manage pigmentation and uneven skin texture, kicks starts your skin, making it behave like a younger skin.

Modified Jessner’s Peel

From $150.00 per treatment

Mildly resurfacing, improves pigmentation problems, skin texture and also works against acne.

*Chemical peel prices start from the lower percentage of chemical peel strengths or the cost for a single layer treatment.

Skin Needling Pen (Micro needling)

Full face treatment $300

Micropen Skin needling performed by our Skin Therapist including a gentle Microdermabrasion and infusion of Hyaluronic Acid.

Dermafrac Skin Needling

Each treatment will include a pass of microdermabrasion to lift the dead cells from the epidermis prior to needling.

Area Price
Dermafrac to full face 290
Dermafrac to neck only 290
Dermafrac to full face and neck       490
Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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