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Day 1 : Treatment Day

I had PSR 2, single and double pass to the whole face. This is my second treatment for mild acne scarring. The first treatment I had was PSR 1.5 double pass to the whole face, 1 month ago.

Dr Chan and Dr. Moscato discuss the treatment process, complications and post-treatment care with you prior to treatment and any health concerns you may have that will possibly effect the healing phase of the treatment.

A topical anaesthetic is applied twice, to the whole face, at thirty-minute intervals. On each application, gladwrap is applied to the face.

Wet gauze was applied to the eyebrow area so that no hairs were singed and I had a cloth headband on to protect my hairline! They do grow back but I have a function in a few weeks so I need them intact. Once again Dr Chan was very diligent in making sure no hair was singed.

The actual treatment process was about 40 minutes. Pain was minimal. I could feel the treatment a lot more than the PSR 1.5 though. I had been quite sick before treatment though, so my pain threshold was not as good as1 it usually is. The more sensitive areas for me were the forehead, upper lip and under the eyes.

After the treatment my skin felt very hot and I started to swell a lot under the eyes.

Dr Chan told me to spray a glow minerals hydrating mist on my face when it was feeling hot. I used it every 15 mins for the first couple of hours until the heat of my face started to subside. Dr Chan also gave me a vinegar spray to use for itching and tightness.

Prior to my first treatment, I had purchased from Dr Chan, the Cosmedix rescue balm and sea buckthorn quad active serum to apply to my face after the first 24 hours of treatment. The Cosmedix products are the best range of products you will ever use, I have used them for two years and they helped my skin immensely. If you can afford them, the products are worth purchasing!

When I got home I sprayed my face with the Cosmedix mystic spray every half hour till I went to sleep.

I slept with gloves on so I didn’t knock or touch my face, propped up pillows to minimise swelling and tried to sleep on my back!


Day 2

I didn’t sleep very well because I usually sleep on my side or stomach. I didn’t have much discomfort on my face just minimal soreness to touch and my face and eye area is very swollen. My face is starting to look more red and bronzed.
I definitely know that spraying my face every half hour with the mystic spray helped with tightness and discomfort (c.f. PSR 1.5 treatment, I didn’t apply anything to my skin for the first 24 hours and then the next day I couldn’t even move my face due to the tightness).

I washed my face for the first time at 1:30pm  24 hours post treatment. I used the Cosmedix benefit cleanser (for sensitive skin). I gently splashed my face with tepid water, then used a small amount of the cleanser and emulsified it before dabbing it on my skin. It stung a little. I rinsed my skin by splashing water on my face. Then I sprayed on the vinegar mix and left it on for a few minutes to soothe the skin.

I splashed more water on my face to remove the vinegar mix and then dabbed my skin dry with a soft towel. I then applied the mystic spray, the serum and the rescue balm by dabbing them all over the face. I then sprayed some of the Cosmedix reflect SPF 30 on my face to protect from any ultraviolet rays. Even though I am inside the sun still comes through the blinds.

After having my first PSR treatment I learned that from the minute your treatment is complete you must treat your skin like an egg shell (i.e., since the skins surface acts as a biological dressing, you must assure it remains intact until it is ready to shed on its own with absolutely no help from you!) If you don’t you will increase risks of serious complications.

This whole process will now be my daily washing, bathing and product application ritual until my face has completely healed!

The vinegar spray really helped the tightness and itching. I am so glad I used it this treatment.

I had no real discomfort all day except the swelling around my eyes.

I will sleep with gloves on again, pillows propped up and on my back until my skin has fully healed.


Day 3

My face was really swollen again. My face feels really tight and it looks really red and bronzed. I have almost no striping on my face (zebra effect), only a really small area on my forehead.

Dr Chan is always really thorough to cover the whole face. I have read some stories via the internet where people have had a lot of areas of the face missed because the doctor is not thorough enough! Lucky Dr Chan is a perfectionist.

I washed my face this morning and it stung a little more today than yesterday but the vinegar helped again. After I applied all my products my face was stinging a bit but subsided after about 15 minutes.

By mid afternoon my eyes were aching quite a lot, light sensitive and I found it hard to focus, due to the swelling. I think I will take some Panadol. Today would be the most uncomfortable day since I have had my treatment done.

My face stung when I washed it before bed but the vinegar helped a little. It feels really tight and sore at present. Hopefully I will get some sleep!


Day 4

I had about 2 hours sleep because my face felt too tight and sore to move. When I awoke this morning I had an ulcer on the left side of my chin (this also happened to me with the PSR 1.5 treatment) and some blisters on my left cheek also. I took silver colloid (natural antibiotic) as I did with my last treatment. I also took some Panadol for the discomfort.

Washing my face was quite uncomfortable again and it didn’t matter how much cream, serum and spray I applied to my face it is still unbearably tight and sore. I know it will pass, as it did with my last treatment, but this time I can’t wait for that time to come. It is not so much painful as it is irritating because I also feel like I can’t eat or my face will crack.

I sent Dr Chan an email with a photo of my face to see if I had to go on pharmaceutical grade antibiotics. He said it looks fine for now and to let him know if anything changes.

After washing my face and applying creams before bed my face was stinging and really tight and quite painful. Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight.


Day 5

I didn’t sleep at all again I was in too much pain. My face was unbearably tight and stinging like crazy. I took some Panadol and aspirin but neither did any good.

When I washed my face today some skin came off around the nose area and the chin. I was hoping that this would make some of the tightness subside but it didn’t and then when I applied the creams it was stinging again because the skin is still very red underneath with some white areas also (all which is normal). The ulcer is starting to heel. One positive at least!

I ceased using the vinegar wash now because my skin is starting to peel.
Poor Dr Chan, I had to write to him again to ask him what pain medication I can take because I am not coping very well. I was sick the day before I got the procedure done, so I am wondering if that is why I am not coping so well with this whole process. Dr Chan said that it is not normal to be in this much pain and suggested voltaren and some paracetamol. It is 36 degrees today, so I am sure that is making the swelling and tightness worse.

I called my partner and he got me some nurofen and soov. I took some nurofen and then cleansed my face and then applied the soov. Finally relief for now! Because it is an antiseptic cream and numbs the skin, I might actually get some sleep!

I have read a lot about the portrait on forums on the internet and most individuals experiences are not like mine but on one website (Dr Garcia) I did read that healing time can be delayed for those with thin/delicate/sensitive skin types.

On the shore laser website under Other considerations and complications of PSR it says: ?ɬ

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