Allergan releases dermal filler pre-mixed with anaesthetic

Allergan have released a new version of one of their dermal fillers to help reduce the discomfort associated with the procedure.

The actual filler is unchanged (filler type J and JU+), but it is now mixed with a fast acting local anaesthetic, so that it literally numbs the areas as it is injected.

It is a good alternative to having a nerve block in the treatment area for those who don’t want to be numb for hours.

For example, treatment of the cheeks with dermal fillers might usually require a nerve block to numb the cheeks prior to injection with filler. Instead, with this new filler, it is possible to avoid a nerve block as it has local anaesthetic pre-mixed with the filler so it numbs as it is injected. The initial few needle pricks can be disguised with local anaesthetic cream or ice as required.

* Due to TGA restrictions, the name of the actual filler cannot be mentioned

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Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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